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Chiswick School is looking for your support in order to enhance the lives and education of each of our students. In the current financial climate many schools are charging parents or supporters in order to continue to provide an outstanding education. We know that this would be difficult for many of our families and therefore are working creatively to source the funding we need.  If you can support financially this would help to provide opportunities for our students that we could not otherwise facilitate but there are many other ways in which parents and supporters can also help Chiswick School provide an outstanding education. We are looking for support in a variety of ways and are sure you will find a way in which you can help make a positive impact. Be part of something great and help us continue to develop Chiswick into a centre for excellence for our students and community.

Please click on the expandable sections below to find out about the different ways you can support our school.

Go Shopping and Support Our School

What if you could support our school every time you shop online? Chiswick School is registered with EasyFundraising which means if you ever buy anything online, you can help raise funds for the school. Many online retailers will give a donation to Chiswick every time you shop through their site without it costing you anything extra. Please go to our Easy Fundraising page -

For more information on how it works, please watch the short video below.


Fundraising Campaign - Sports Centre Fund

Chiswick School Parents Association have raised a significant amount of money which is pledged to improve our sports facilities. We are aiming to raise a further £60,000 to renovate our sports centre. The money would allow us to:

  • Fit a new sprung floor
  • Have new LED lighting in the facility
  • Update our changing rooms
  • Fit a basketball scoreboard buy bleacher seating to allow for spectators to enjoy competitions

The improvements in the facility would also benefit the local community who use our site for various clubs and classes. 

Visit our fundraising page for more information and to donate by clicking the link below.

Donate My School Crowdfunding 

Volunteering in School - Outside In

Outside In is a new initiative to give Chiswick parents the opportunity to support students in school.

The scheme has so far been focused on English and Maths, but if you have expertise in another subject area we’d love to hear from you, too.

Please visit our dedicate page for further information - Outside In

Facilities Use & Hire

At Chiswick School we have a range of facilities that can be hired after school, on weekends and during holidays. The income generated from facilities hire is used to maintain and improve our school building, grounds and resources to ensure it caters for our school community. If you are interested in hiring any of our facilities for either one off or ongoing bookings; please visit our dedicated page by clicking the following link - Hire Our Facilities

@chiswickschool Retweeted TRo Arts / 19 Oct
Day two of our half term rehearsals. I'm always amazed at the talent of our performers. Come and watch for yourself. MUSICALS SHOWCASE- 18th November 6:30
@chiswickschool Retweeted TRo Arts / 18 Oct
Day one of our half term rehearsals with this dedicated performing arts lot :) Musicals showcase 18th November!
@chiswickschool Retweeted ChiswickRowingTrust / 16 Oct
Great to have bring back to the boathouse where their rowing began.
@chiswickschool Retweeted Chiswick Gators Basketball Club / 16 Oct
U12 development team return back to action in the on Sunday 24th Oct 2021 Just before our Oct half term camp starts. Be sure to book your spot to avoid disappointment
@chiswickschool Retweeted Sangeeta #VisualArtist / 15 Oct
Great by Year13. Very high quality and it’s only their first!
@chiswickschool / 15 Oct
Lovely way to end the week with our work in progress exhibit
@chiswickschool Retweeted Sian Williams Lund / 15 Oct
Fantastic trip - thank you !!
@chiswickschool Retweeted Chiswick School PE / 15 Oct
Our very own Mr Gill, he is such an inspiration to our students. 💙
@chiswickschool Retweeted Living The Life! / 15 Oct
Fun is the name of the Game. We are all about creating amazing experiences to enable our students to have long lasting memories. has been all that and much more !
@chiswickschool Retweeted TRo Arts / 15 Oct
Impromptu steel pan performance at break today! Certainly brightened up a cloudy and grey last day of term.
@chiswickschool Retweeted TRo Arts / 15 Oct
Preparing for our 6th form art instilation exhibition..."Work in progress"...opens tonight at 4pm in the Art department. Come and have a look, all welcome.
@chiswickschool Retweeted Living The Life! / 15 Oct
We are on route to . Let the fun begin.
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