Empowering Students to be
Ambitious and Proud
Empowering Students to be
Ambitious and Proud
Empowering Students to be
Ambitious and Proud
Empowering Students to be
Ambitious and Proud
"I love working at Chiswick School as there is a real sense of community. The students are amazing; and all the staff go above and beyond to help students to reach their potential."
Helen Williams - Library Manager
"At Chiswick School there is an unwavering commitment, dedication and nurturing from many of the teachers - there are some truly inspirational gems amongst the staff."
Year 8, 11 & 12 parent
"I adore the character of the students we have here at Chiswick School. Their enthusiasm, determination and sheer originality is something of which I will never tire: they are a breath of fresh...
Mr Wootton, Head of English
"Transitioning from primary to secondary was easy because Chiswick School made me feel welcome. The school made my transition fun and it boosted my confidence."
Keira, Year 7 (from Strand on the Green Primary)
"Transitioning from primary to secondary school was a big change. I remember on the first day thinking what a good idea it was to only have Year 7s in school. It helped me feel more excited about...
Emma, Year 7 (from Southfield Primary school)
"Chiswick school for us has always been a place where children are part of a community which is inclusive and broad. My child’s teachers have been committed and focused both on understandin...
Year 10 parent
"I enjoy working at Chiswick School because it is a working community where all staff and students collaborate with each other showing a positive attitude and enthusiasm towards learning."
Mr Mahon, Head of Computer Science
@chiswickschool Retweeted Bolder Academy / 18 Oct
@chiswickschool Retweeted Hounslow Youth Council / 18 Oct
your student is 1 of our helping find solutions to knife crime! Support their survey here: https://t.co/7vQ6CWN2qx
@chiswickschool Retweeted Laura Ellener / 17 Oct
We loved hosting and the kids were brilliant. Looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow https://t.co/5qgAKfZnkI
@chiswickschool Retweeted Nordoff Robbins UK / 17 Oct
Our massive thanks to our amazing supporters , who raised an incredible £2,500 for our music therapy through their annual ChiswkInvasion rock concert! https://t.co/7i01PoxWM3
@chiswickschool Retweeted Bolder Academy / 17 Oct
What a brilliantly Bold week the year 7s are having: design tech workshops at the wonderful - thank you! Sky volunteers coding with our students, the police sharing how to keep yourself safe on line and workshops from Diversity Role Models. https://t.co/jSixFKJozg
@chiswickschool Retweeted carrie reichardt / 17 Oct
So proud of my youngest for being accepted for this . Big thanks for putting her forward. https://t.co/fRLMblkdoO
@chiswickschool / 17 Oct
Fatima, our Deputy leader of the Hounslow Youth Parliament, ran a workshop in school yesterday along with Chad from HYP on knife crime. Pupils looked at the reasons why young people carry knives and then brainstormed some solutions. https://t.co/PxSQz7A5P7
@chiswickschool / 16 Oct
First fixture for Sixth Form in the Middlesex Cup! Many players making their debut today https://t.co/bwhqEUQGog
@chiswickschool Retweeted Chiswick School Geography department / 16 Oct
A contrasting a different environment within the same borough of Tower Hamlets. https://t.co/sBLTquVDFc
@chiswickschool Retweeted Shakespeare Schools Foundation / 16 Oct
The brilliant are hard at work, preparing for their performance at next month! 🎭 Book your tickets now 👉 https://t.co/EZJ2qktv4I https://t.co/OddaTSnfQD
@chiswickschool Retweeted Chiswick School Geography department / 16 Oct
@chiswickschool Retweeted TRo Performing Arts / 16 Oct
Othello rehearsals going really well with the SSF at Exchange Twickenham, the students learning LOADS from them https://t.co/BjwbIEpE6G
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