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Summer Arts Festival
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Empowering Students to be
Ambitious and Proud
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Empowering Students to be
Ambitious and Proud
Watch our video
Empowering Students to be
Ambitious and Proud
Watch our video
Empowering Students to be
Ambitious and Proud
Watch our video
"I love working at Chiswick School as there is a real sense of community. The students are amazing; and all the staff go above and beyond to help students to reach their potential."
Mrs Williams - Library Manager
"At Chiswick School there is an unwavering commitment, dedication and nurturing from many of the teachers - there are some truly inspirational gems amongst the staff."
Year 8, 11 & 12 parent
"I adore the character of the students we have here at Chiswick School. Their enthusiasm, determination and sheer originality is something of which I will never tire: they are a breath of fresh...
Mr Wootton, Head of English
"Transitioning from primary to secondary was easy because Chiswick School made me feel welcome. The school made my transition fun and it boosted my confidence."
Keira, Year 7 (from Strand on the Green Primary)
"Transitioning from primary to secondary school was a big change. I remember on the first day thinking what a good idea it was to only have Year 7s in school. It helped me feel more excited about...
Emma, Year 7 (from Southfield Primary school)
"Chiswick school for us has always been a place where children are part of a community which is inclusive and broad. My child’s teachers have been committed and focused both on understandin...
Year 10 parent
"I enjoy working at Chiswick School because it is a working community where all staff and students collaborate with each other showing a positive attitude and enthusiasm towards learning."
Mr Mahon, Head of Computer Science
@chiswickschool Retweeted The Chiswick Herald / 6 Aug
In just over a year, has not only tamed a pre-existing jungle of weeds on an allotment, but has also triumphed in the UK’s first virtual Horticultural Show run by
@chiswickschool / 31 Jul
Eid Mubarak to all who are celebrating
@chiswickschool Retweeted The Chiswick Calendar / 29 Jul
Duke of Edinburgh success
@chiswickschool Retweeted Chiswick House / 24 Jul
Calling all aspiring artists! We're inviting you to recreate your favourite aspect of Chiswick House for our Art Competition. Submit your art before 5pm 5th Aug. More details on how to enter here:
@chiswickschool / 22 Jul
So proud that we have the most amount of students being awarded in Hounslow! Amazing achievement for lots (and lots) of our wonderful students ⛺️🌈🌧💨☀️
@chiswickschool Retweeted Cameron Parker / 21 Jul
This is what happened when a teenager asked me about body confidence LIVE on a webinar. This is probably one of the most important videos I have EVER released. I have never shared this and I didn't plan to, but I believe it is important that I did. RT Link
@chiswickschool Retweeted Chiswick School Allotment / 21 Jul
Congratulations to everyone who has taken part in winning the "Gardening Excellence" award, presented by Rula Lenska. Looking forward to seeing you in September!
@chiswickschool Retweeted Chiswick School Allotment / 20 Jul
@chiswickschool Retweeted Julia J / 18 Jul
Great big thank you to and all - the last 4 months were ever so hard on pupils, teachers (and parents), you have done such a fantastic job in very challenging times! INSPIRING! Hope you can all have a well deserved rest to recharge! 👏🏅
@chiswickschool Retweeted Lesley Tulley / 18 Jul
Just entered this for . 🤞Win £5,000 for your school's library! Nominate your school to win and you could take home £100 of National Book Tokens just for you:
@chiswickschool Retweeted Lesley Tulley / 17 Jul
Rightly proud . Amazing support for all families. Everything a school should be.
@chiswickschool / 17 Jul
Well done Team families. A tremendous effort during the summer term -well done and we can’t wait to see you in September 😆#ambitiousandproud
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