Empowering Students to be
Ambitious and Proud
Empowering Students to be
Ambitious and Proud
Empowering Students to be
Ambitious and Proud
Empowering Students to be
Ambitious and Proud
"I love working at Chiswick School as there is a real sense of community. The students are amazing; and all the staff go above and beyond to help students to reach their potential."
Helen Williams - Library Manager
"At Chiswick School there is an unwavering commitment, dedication and nurturing from many of the teachers - there are some truly inspirational gems amongst the staff."
Year 8, 11 & 12 parent
"I adore the character of the students we have here at Chiswick School. Their enthusiasm, determination and sheer originality is something of which I will never tire: they are a breath of fresh air every day."
Mr Wootton, Head of English
"Transitioning from primary to secondary was easy because Chiswick School made me feel welcome. The school made my transition fun and it boosted my confidence."
Keira, Year 7 (from Strand on the Green Primary)
"Transitioning from primary to secondary school was a big change. I remember on the first day thinking what a good idea it was to only have Year 7s in school. It helped me feel more excited about beginning the new year. All the teachers are really good; they made us feel welcome and proud to be members of Chiswick School."
Emma, Year 7 (from Southfield Primary school)
"Chiswick school for us has always been a place where children are part of a community which is inclusive and broad. My child’s teachers have been committed and focused both on understanding different learning styles and on the need to reach potential."
Year 10 parent
"I enjoy working at Chiswick School because it is a working community where all staff and students collaborate with each other showing a positive attitude and enthusiasm towards learning."
Mr Mahon, Head of Computer Science
@chiswickschool / 22 Apr
Please note our calendar on the website is temporarily incorrect; school starts at 8.40am on Week A. Sorry for any confusion!
@chiswickschool / 22 Apr
Chiswick School reopens for ALL students tomorrow Tuesday 23rd April, at the normal time. We hope everyone has had a lovely holiday and ready to get back to being
@chiswickschool / 18 Apr
are looking forward to supporting Fatima-Zahra in the Youth Parliament elections next week. https://t.co/W1QxjH1DLS
@chiswickschool Retweeted Chiswick Gators Basketball Club / 17 Apr
These 3 girls really where impressive at our Easter Camp last week, giving the boys a tough time in their respective age groups. Friya, Precious, & Julia we salute you because we know that you can T-shirts by https://t.co/OEbtipo3ck
@chiswickschool Retweeted National Online Safety / 17 Apr
💬Alexa, what’s today's guide? This week, we’re giving trusted adults 14 tips to get smart about smart home devices. This guide will help you identify some of the ways you can stay alert and protect yourself. HD version: https://t.co/vTuIySv7me https://t.co/zfHZdVETMC
@chiswickschool Retweeted Chiswick School Geography department / 11 Apr
Many students showing their commitment to their A Level and GCSE Geography exams this year coming into school over Easter to work on the skills and content
@chiswickschool Retweeted UCAS / 10 Apr
Been invited to an interview? Congratulations! We’ve got some great tips to help you settle your nerves and smash it, including: 👔 dressing smartly ⏰ arriving early 🕺 body language ✅ and lots more! ➡️ https://t.co/OMfghkFXAK https://t.co/NDSBKQZuqf
@chiswickschool Retweeted National Online Safety / 10 Apr
Watch📹 like👍🏻comment💬subscribe ✅This we’re broadcasting a guide about popular video streaming platform 'YouTube'. Although it can be an amazing resource, as trusted adults, you need to be aware of the risks. HD version https://t.co/k73BdApUg2 https://t.co/l5wGz5RBIW
@chiswickschool Retweeted Laura Ellener / 9 Apr
Amazing dedication and care from teachers giving up time to support incredible educational opportunities-can’t wait to hear all about it https://t.co/Y3O6LcjMM0
@chiswickschool Retweeted Chiswick School Geography department / 9 Apr
The beautiful architecture of this building demonstrates a regeneration project to restore the beauty once again https://t.co/RPEl88d8TW
@chiswickschool Retweeted D&T @ ChiswickSchool / 9 Apr
We started today with a trip to the Design Museum (gorgeous fashion floor 🤩), followed by a walk to see the Segrada Familia. We’re now all on the coach to the airport, looking forward to some much needed rest after a fab trip. https://t.co/ExswIqZDdr
@chiswickschool Retweeted Chiswick School Geography department / 9 Apr
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