Empowering Students to be
Ambitious and Proud
Empowering Students to be
Ambitious and Proud
Empowering Students to be
Ambitious and Proud
Empowering Students to be
Ambitious and Proud
"I love working at Chiswick School as there is a real sense of community. The students are amazing; and all the staff go above and beyond to help students to reach their potential."
Helen Williams - Library Manager
"At Chiswick School there is an unwavering commitment, dedication and nurturing from many of the teachers - there are some truly inspirational gems amongst the staff."
Year 8, 11 & 12 parent
"I adore the character of the students we have here at Chiswick School. Their enthusiasm, determination and sheer originality is something of which I will never tire: they are a breath of fresh air every day."
Mr Wootton, Head of English
"Transitioning from primary to secondary was easy because Chiswick School made me feel welcome. The school made my transition fun and it boosted my confidence."
Keira, Year 7 (from Strand on the Green Primary)
"Transitioning from primary to secondary school was a big change. I remember on the first day thinking what a good idea it was to only have Year 7s in school. It helped me feel more excited about beginning the new year. All the teachers are really good; they made us feel welcome and proud to be members of Chiswick School."
Emma, Year 7 (from Southfield Primary school)
"Chiswick school for us has always been a place where children are part of a community which is inclusive and broad. My child’s teachers have been committed and focused both on understanding different learning styles and on the need to reach potential."
Year 10 parent
"I enjoy working at Chiswick School because it is a working community where all staff and students collaborate with each other showing a positive attitude and enthusiasm towards learning."
Mr Mahon, Head of Computer Science
@chiswickschool Retweeted TRo Performing Arts / 16 Sep
Rehearsal one! Cast done...scripts given out...excitement high! "Tis in ourselves that we are thus or thus" Othello -28th November. https://t.co/Wf5sVIAUOO
@chiswickschool / 13 Sep
Wonderful PSCHE lesson for our Year 12 students on Nuclear Weapons - past and present. Thank you to for coming in to deliver this session. https://t.co/dX5Y4ZNmqh
@chiswickschool Retweeted Eilidh Cunningham / 12 Sep
working with our amazing team to develop our teachers to make the most impact 🏫 https://t.co/GCfe3kpSUE
@chiswickschool Retweeted Shakespeare Schools Foundation / 12 Sep
How exciting! Preparations are underway for 's Othello! Grab tickets for this November's performance at now. 👉 https://t.co/EZJ2qktv4I https://t.co/ZOouZl9QZP
@chiswickschool Retweeted TRo Performing Arts / 11 Sep
Very very very excited for this...started to cast! Rehearsals start soon....loads more information to come. https://t.co/wKxpbcrBIM
@chiswickschool / 10 Sep
One of ’s amazing musicians on a bus stop on Oxford Street. Brilliant - our kids are fantastic https://t.co/5WSnjCiJYE
@chiswickschool / 10 Sep
loves showing visitors around especially prospective parents - a lovely email from a visit this morning has made our day. https://t.co/DkdJgC2B0N
@chiswickschool Retweeted Chiswick Book Fest / 9 Sep
And we’re looking forward to seeing you and your pupils at this weekend for and much more! . Please share our latest schools and families newsletter: https://t.co/n6AULsDGte https://t.co/hNEIgG8yal
@chiswickschool Retweeted Eilidh Cunningham / 8 Sep
What more could you want in your classroom? Praise, literacy, key words and team planning Science 🧬 https://t.co/AJMR9AcFkv
@chiswickschool Retweeted Laura Ellener / 8 Sep
this looks fantastic for parents who want to keep In touch with their kids without the smartphone. https://t.co/32VQTG3iFa
@chiswickschool / 8 Sep
Great to see a mix of Year 12 and 13 supporting the Charity football match this Sunday to remember Marcus who attended https://t.co/LdsBQWoWCr
@chiswickschool Retweeted Laura Ellener / 6 Sep
We have struck gold with our and other beginner teachers. They have amazed me this week. What a brilliant bunch. And huge credit to our teaching team who have welcomed them so warmly to our family
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