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Chiswick School has a flourishing, inclusive and engaged PTA. We support the school to ensure that all students, regardless of financial background, can access the wide range of activities and resources on offer at our wonderful school.

What do we do? 

  • Building Community: through social events; what’s app groups for parents; parent forum meetings; social media accounts to keep the community updated; second hand uniform sales.
  • Fundraising: through the monthly Car Boot Sales; events such as the Quiz Night and Summer Arts Fair; second hand uniform sales; “armchair giving”: money raised through sites such as Amazon smile; selling refreshments at school events.

What does the PTA fund?

We use our funds to cover costs for enrichment activities and resources: effectively anything which isn’t covered by the school budget. All departments and all year groups can apply for funds, through our bids’ system. 

We meet as a group, along with the Senior Leadership Team, several times a year to discuss fundraising priorities and events, and how to allocate the funds.In the past year, for example, the PTA have paid for field trips; music equipment and tuition; Performing Arts uniforms and equipment; school sports team’s kit; football goals; History and English Workshops; ceramic equipment and cameras.

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Car Boot Sale

Please visit our dedicated website for information on the Chiswick Car Boot Sale:

Or email us at:

How to Get Involved

Getting involved with the PTA is a direct way to support your child’s school, but it is also a great way to get to know the community and meet other parents and members of staff. 

The PTA is a registered charity and every parent/carer with a child at the school is a member of the PTA.

How can I help?

We accept all offers of help, small or large! Here are examples of how you can get involved:

  • Join your child(ren)’s year group what’s app. There are what’s app groups for parents and carers in every school year. These are managed by PTA reps, and are used to send relevant news and PTA information. 
  • Attend school events
  • Sign up to support Chiswick School through Amazon smile, and Easy fundraising (links are in the PTA section of the website)
  • Join the committee in a role, for example as a year group representative (rep). Reps send communication via what’s app, as well as attending termly meetings and usually helping at events. Other roles within the committee, such as treasurer and chair, are advertised as and when the position is open.
  • Become a Volunteer! Add your name to our list of helpers for PTA events, for the Car boot sale, or perhaps to offer a specific skill such as gardening or painting. No commitments, just say yes when you can!

To join your child’s year group Whatsapp, or to add your name to our list of volunteers:

Upcoming PTA Dates

All dates are subject to change. Please check the website and weekly parentmail for updates. In addition to these dates, the PTA sell refreshments at most Performing Arts Events.

  • Sunday 5th February - Car-boot sale 6.30am - 12.30pm
  • Sunday 5th March - Car-boot sale 6.30am - 12.30pm
  • Thursday 23rd March - Quiz Night (tbc)
  • Sunday 2nd April - Car-boot sale 6.30am - 12.30pm
  • Wednesday 26th April - Parents’ forum 6pm drinks. 7pm forum 
  • Thursday 27th April - Second-hand uniform sale 3pm (timing tbc)
  • Sunday 7th May - Car-boot sale 6.30am - 12.30pm
  • Monday 15th May - PTA bids’ meeting 7pm (timing tbc)
  • Sunday 4th June - Car-boot sale 6.30am - 12.30pm
  • Sunday 2nd July - Car-boot sale 6.30am - 12.30pm
  • 10th July - 14th July: Arts week (various events)
  • Thursday 13th July - Chiswick School Arts festival - 5.30-8pm (date and time tbc)
  • Summer term new y7 uniform sale tbc
  • Sunday 6th August - Car-boot sale 6.30am - 12.30pm

PTA Social Media - Follow Us!

Fundraising Overview

The PTA is a registered charity and every parent/carer with a child at the school is a member of the PTA. The PTA committee is made up of a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer and 2 further trustees who all serve a term of three years and then stand down or stand for re-election.

Ways you can help to fund raise:

  1. Attend or volunteer at school events such as the Car Boot Sale, The Quiz Night, Summer Arts Fair, concerts and so on,
  2. Donate through your child’s Wisepay account - You will also be able to see your personal contribution to the PTA funds. If you ALREADY shop online, please use this site and tell your family, friends and business colleagues about it as well.
  3. Contribute to school events, eg by baking goodies for cake sales or providing other foods or goods, or by recommending possible sponsors, interested parties etc or offering skills / contacts / work experience that you have that  could benefit the school and/or the students.
  4. raise funds through the easyfundraising app or Amazon smile (see links section)

Over the last four years, the PTA has raised over £250,000 through the magnificent Car Boot Sale, which is a huge undertaking and is made possible by numerous invaluable volunteers. The monies raised are intended to benefit all school departments and are allocated, after careful consideration & agreement, to bids received from school staff. The monies then either fully or partially fund projects, equipment and events to enrich the pupils’ experience at Chiswick School.

Below are some examples of what we have been able to fund and contribute to over the last few years:

  • Football kit & pitch
  • Lights for drama
  • Science equipment
  • Macs for Music
  • Football pitch
  • Photography equipment
  • Laser cutters for D&T
  • School musicals / concerts
  • 3 Minibuses
  • Sewing machines
  • Theatre trips & workshops
  • Biology, History and Geography local & residential trips (and equipment) every year
  • Maths equipment
  • Psychology trip
  • South Africa trip (history)
  • Philosophy A-level books
  • Food tech equipment
  • 6th form events
  • Health & Social Care Careers events & trips
  • Learning Support materials
  • Languages department trips abroad (Latin/Rome, Spanish/Valencia, German/Rhine Valley, French/Paris)
  • Music department Sound & technology equipment.... and so on!

As you can see, the funds raised by the PTA truly make a difference to the school!

Contact Us

To get in touch please email us -

For information about the car boot sale, email

Committees 2022-23

Currently, within the PTA, there is a PTA Administrative Committee, and a PTA Car boot sale committee.

Administrative committee 22/23

The administrative committee works alongside the school to organise bids’ meetings and spends; supports school events; organises second hand uniform sales, socials and fundraisers; has year group reps who oversee the running of the What’sApp groups for the parents in each year group.

  • Chairperson: Vernee Samuel 
  • Treasurer: Rebecca Hobson
  • Communication/Media: Vic Robinson 
  • Uniform/Events: Lise Madsen and Jo Fillmore
  • Events Administration : Stavroula Ourailidou 
  • Media Support: Kiran Nankani 

Year Group Reps: 

  • Antonia - 7
  • Leeanne Gale - 7, 13
  • Kat Jones - 7, 11
  • Brad Taylor - 7, 9, 12
  • Kiran Nankani - 8
  • Bridget Williams - 8
  • Paula Bridle - 8
  • Jo Fillmore - 9
  • Jo Eyre - 9,11,13
  • Alice Glossop Green - 9, 10
  • Julia Evans - 10, 11
  • Anna Docherty - 13

Vacancy for Secretary/co-secretaries: please contact us if you are interested or to learn more

Car boot Committee 22/23

The PTA Car boot sale Committee, who organise our monthly sales. Some are members of both, and we are actively seeking to increase the number of current parents involved with the Car Boot sales, to allow alumni parents to step down when they would like

  • Esam Sicander – Ex parent
  • Leigh-Ann Hadjiandreou – Current Parent
  • Lise Madsen – Current Parent
  • Jane Webb - Ex parent
  • Ray Casimir - Ex parent
  • Guy Rampley - Ex parent
  • David Chapman - Ex parent
  • Tina Werndley - Ex parent
  • Eileen Dunne - Ex parent
  • Gezime Rexha - Ex parent
  • Isabelle Meron - Ex parent

In addition to the committees, we always need volunteers to assist at events - especially at the car boot sales. Please contact us if you can help.

PTA Bids and Meeting Minutes

PTA Accounts


Sign up using this direct link. You can use it via a server or download the app onto your phone or tablet. Full instructions are on their website.

Sign up now: 


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