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We are a friendly and diverse group of parents, carers and staff from Chiswick School who share a passion for our school community.

We are always open to new PTA members.  Our trustees and volunteers work together to raise funds for the school through the Car Boot Sale and we organise events such as the Quiz Night and the wonderful Summer Arts Fair.  

Our work positively affects students’ experiences at Chiswick School. The PTA has funded several major purchases over the years ranging from the school minibus, computers for the music department and professional lighting for the drama department, science equipment, DT equipment, Cameras and Audio equipment and much much more. 

The PTA also provides funds for many school trips. In many cases these trips would otherwise not be possible as the PTA contribution significantly reduces the required student contributions. 

We welcome your involvement in whatever capacity you can manage, from serving teas and coffees to busy teachers on Parents Evenings to volunteering for the Car Boot or getting stuck in to our painting and gardening projects. Maybe you enjoy giving time to the community, or perhaps you have a skill that you know will be useful within the school setting as well. PTA membership is free and volunteering is not compulsory. You can commit to as little or as much as you like. We meet as a group several times a year to discuss matters affecting the school and how to allocate the funds we raise (Bids Meeting).  

In addition to making a huge difference to the school, the PTA is a good way to meet and socialise with other parents; something which can be quite a challenge in secondary school.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch using the form on this page or drop us an email at: and we will be in touch!

Amber In der Rieden / Lesley Tulley
Chair, PTA / Secretary

Have a suggestion?

Chiswick School PTA and Friends is always open to new suggestions and ideas for events, fundraising and other initiatives of benefit to the school community. 

Feel free to get in contact if you would like to tell us something.  Even better, come along to one of our PTA meetings.

We hope to meet you soon.

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PTA and Friends - Fundraising

Over the last four years, the PTA has raised over £250,000 through the magnificent Car Boot Sale, which is a huge undertaking and is made possible by numerous invaluable volunteers.  The monies raised are intended to benefit all school departments and are allocated, after careful consideration & agreement, to bids received from school staff. The monies then either fully or partially fund projects, equipment and events to enrich the pupils’ experience at Chiswick School.

Below are some examples of what we have been able to fund and contribute to over the last few years:

  • Football kit & pitch
  • Lights for drama
  • Science equipment
  • Macs for Music
  • Football pitch
  • Photography equipment
  • Laser cutters for D&T
  • School musicals / concerts
  • 3 Minibuses
  • Sewing machines
  • Theatre trips & workshops
  • Biology, History and Geography local & residential trips (and equipment) every year
  • Maths equipment
  • Psychology trip
  • South Africa trip (history)
  • Philosophy A-level books
  • Food tech equipment
  • 6th form events
  • Health & Social Care Careers events & trips
  • Learning Support materials
  • Languages department trips abroad (Latin/Rome, Spanish/Valencia, German/Rhine Valley, French/Paris)
  • Music department Sound & technology equipment.... and so on!

As you can see, the funds raised by the PTA truly make a difference to the school!

The PTA is a registered charity and every parent/carer with a child at the school is a member of the PTA. The PTA committee is made up of a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer and 2 further trustees (Chair: Amber In der Rieden, Secretary: Lesley Tulley, Treasurer: Frances Houseman) who all serve a term of three years and then stand down or stand for re-election.

Ways you can help to fund raise:

  1. Attend or volunteer at school events such as the Car Boot Sale, The Quiz Night, Summer Arts Fair, concerts and so on,
  2. Donate through your child’s Wisepay account - You will also be able to see your personal contribution to the PTA funds. If you ALREADY shop online, please use this site and tell your family, friends and business colleagues about it as well.
  3. Contribute to school events, eg by baking goodies for cake sales or providing other foods or goods, or by recommending possible sponsors, interested parties etc or offering skills / contacts / work experience that you have that  could benefit the school and/or the students.
  4. Raise funds through the Easyfundraising App. You can join up (for free) by following the instructions: . Click the link and select find a cause and under C you will find Chiswick School. You will then be prompted to register your details. This is a ‘one off’ registration, which will take about a minute to complete. It will provide you with a unique code which you will need whenever you use the site.

For further information regarding easyfundraising, please contact Frances Houseman, PTA Treasurer at 

Other questions can be sent to our Secretary at

PTA Accounts

PTA Dates and Meeting Minutes

Please click on the link below to view a letter from the PTA including 2019/20 meeting dates and events -

PTA Dates 2019-20

Please click on the links below to view minutes from this year's meetings

PTA Parents Zoom Forum Minutes - 14th May 2020PTA Bids Meeting Minutes - 20th January 2020

PTA AGM & Bids Meeting Minutes - 14th October 2019

Please click on the links below to view minutes from 2018-19 meetings
PTA Bids Meeting Minutes - 13th May 2019PTA Minutes - 15th October 2018

Chiswick School PTA AGM – 15 October 2018

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