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Chiswick Community Choir is Chiswick School's Choir for parents, staff, and local community members who enjoy singing. 

Formed in February 2024, the choir made its debut performance of Faure's Requiem with Hounslow Symphony Orchestra and Chiswick Voices (our school senior choir).

It's made up of all sorts of people. Some who are very seasoned singers, and others who only remember vaguely singing when they were at school. Everyone is welcome, so long as you're willing to put some work in and try something new. 

Project based rehearsals rather than weekly rehearsals

One of the main features of the choir is that it isn't weekly, but rather there are a few intensive rehearsals before a concert. Music and recordings of parts are messaged out many months in advance, and so members are expected to prepare in their own time, allowing you to prepare when your schedule allows. In short: Fewer, more intense rehearsals, but with a higher expectation of preparation.

How can I get involved?

Join the general mailing list. You'll hear all about upcoming projects here, and you only have to sign up to the projects that you can actually commit to. 

Upcoming projects

Beethoven Symphony 9, Saturday 16 November, exact time TBC. Sign up here

Location: Chiswick School Sports hall. Together with Chiswick Voices and Kew Sinfonia.


  • Saturday 21 September 3-5pm (note, for those I asked earlier, this has gone back from 28 Sep) 
  • Sunday 5 October 4-6pm
  • Saturday 2 November 3-5pm
  • Sunday 10 November 1-3pm with Chiswick Voices and Kew Sinfonia in the sports hall.
  • Saturday 16 November - rehearsal sometime in the afternoon and concert in the evening. 


  1. Am I good enough? I haven't sung since I was at school. Almost certainly. As long as you're prepared to do some note learning over the summer in your own time, then you are most welcome, even if there are bits that we all may struggle with.
  2. Can we learn Beethoven 9 in five rehearsals? -  It'll be tough, but I reckon we can. The expectation will be that we learn the parts in our own time from now until September. The videos to help you learn are here
  3. What if I can't make a rehearsal? Just put that on the form and it should be fine.
  4. Can I invite friends? Yes, please do pass this onto as many people as possible!
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