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We encourage students to make the most of the numerous opportunities to develop old and new interests and skills.  By participating in a wide range of extracurricular activities and educational visits, students will become more closely connected with Chiswick School and contribute to the long-standing tradition of learning beyond the classroom.

We have a variety of clubs for students to choose from, where they can enjoy everything from debating to computer programming, from playing in our orchestra to science. It’s no wonder that many Chiswick students take part in at least one extracurricular activity each week.

To give you an idea,  here is a taste of the educational visits our current students have been involved in over the past year: The Duke of Edinburgh Award; French, German and Spanish trips; South Africa Trip; Skiing; University visits including Oxford and Sussex; Faraday Engineering Challenge; Careers trips; directing whole school productions; Art and Photography trips to museums; the list goes on. This and much more is on offer at Chiswick School each and every year, also including a one week work experience in Year 12.

Elective Extra-Curricular Timetable

Sports Club Directory

Below is a list of the sports clubs within Chiswick and surrounding areas. Please use this information to contact local clubs if your child shows an interest in participating in sport outside of school hours. 

Please be aware that the PE department will support you with initial contact should you require assistance.

Sports Club Directory

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