Sociology Trip
14 Mar 2024

Sociology Trip

The Sociology department enjoyed a trip with Year 12 students to the annual A level Sociology conference at UCL on Wednesday, 13 March. Sociology students listened to lectures from a number of professors from the Education department at UCL. It was a great opportunity for students to engage with the subject outside of the classroom and also to hear from Sociology professors on the research projects that they have been involved in. These ranged from a talk on ‘Is social mobility bad for you?’ to hearing about the qualitative research carried out into autistic children’s experience of education in the Covid lockdown period. Of particular interest to students was a talk from Professor Louise Archer on her research into Nike identities, Ann Phoenix’s lecture on the importance of intersectionality and Professor Stephen Ball’s lecture on education policy. Students were also delighted to have their photo taken with Professor Louise Archer, whose work they study as part of the A level Sociology specification.

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