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Student Leadership is an integral part of life at Chiswick School. Here at Chiswick School, we take great pride in driving student leadership across the school and in doing so, we aim to enhance the personal development of our students by facilitating their ability to contribute to the community. Student leadership instils the core fundamental British values of democracy and individual liberty as well as mutual respect and tolerance.

Please click on the expandable sections below to view more information about the different leadership opportunities at our school.

Sixth Form Student Leadership Team

At Chiswick School we believe that our students should be given lots of opportunities to develop their leadership skills.  The Year 13 students who applied to be a part of the 2019-20 Leadership Team demonstrated excellent leadership qualities and commitment to sixth form.  The peer/staff vote has resulted in a very strong student leadership team and we are delighted to announce the team is as follows:

  • Head Girl: Amira Hassan
  • Head Boy: Theo Fairn​
  • Deputy Head Girl: Mya Martin
  • Deputy Head Boy: Max Gale
  • Assistant Head Girl: Natalie Horsham
  • Student voice & Student Counçil Rep: Adam Albazy
  • Cultural Rep: Yannick Ruitenbeek
  • Curriculum Rep: Gabriel Singer

Year Councils

Year Councils provide a forum where representatives from all year groups raise, discuss and propose resolutions to issues which are important to the students they represent.

Student Journalists

Students in all years provide the student perspective through the school newsletter ‘Chiswick News’.  The group meet weekly to provide insight and information to the school and develop their writing and journalism skills.

Student Interview Panel

Students from all years can be selected to be part of the interview process for all new staff.  They are selected to represent the school community as a student interview panel and are a critical element in the decision to appoint.

Library Leaders

Our library leaders support the day-to-day running of the library by taking responsibility for loaning out books, booking computer facilities and organising the collection.

Sports Captains

Students in all years will support the provision of their team sport, e.g. Year 7 football captains will support Year 7 football.  These students will be selected by the PE department based on effort, results and commitment to the sport.

Transitions Leaders/ Buddies

Year 8 students are available daily to support students with any concerns. Being friendly and approachable and ensuring that students know who they can talk to and what support is available is their key role.  The students also support students through transition from Year 6 to Year 7.

Maths Tutoring

Many of our Key Stage 5  students support KS4 students with their Maths.  Volunteers are paired up with Year 11 students and help them throughout the year.

Student Receptionists

Year 8 students are used by the reception and designated staff to help deliver messages and do simple admin tasks. They are required to sit at a student reception and are expected to represent the student body in a positive manner at all times as they are also the first ones to greet visitors.

Duke of Edinburgh programme

Students who are interested in a recognised leadership and skills course while demonstrating energy, self-discipline, commitment and a capacity for teamwork can apply for the Duke of Edinburgh programme.  Achieving an award will give students the skills, confidence and view on life that is highly sought after by employers, colleges and universities.

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