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Form Time Reading at Chiswick

Last year we successfully launched the Chiswick school form time reading scheme! For half an hour each morning, three days per week, the students listen to their form tutor read aloud from the prescribed novel for their year group. The students participate in a range of reading activities and discussions about the novel lead by their form tutor. We are aiming to explore a vast range of characters, settings and language across year groups as well as equipping the students with the skills they need to become more independent readers and excel across their subjects. KS5 students are also participating in the scheme but focusing their discussions on developing critical and higher order thinking skills in order to better equip them for higher education. 

Form Time Reading Information

Please click on the following link to view form time reading information for Autumn & Spring terms including the form time choices along with a description about each novel.

Form Time Reading - Term 1

Form Time Reading - Term 2

Further Reading

To access the English Department's subscription to the English and Media Centre Magazine please follow the link and enter the login details below:

Username: Chiswick

Password: Chiswick

This will give you access to each monthly issue as well as to hundreds of articles in the archives that could support your wider reading for any of the humanities subjects.

Suggested Reading List

Please visit our English curriculum page to download the suggested reading list for each genre and year group by clicking on the link below.

Curriculum - English

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