Highlights from Art & Textiles
27 Mar 2024

Highlights from Art & Textiles

Year 10 and 12 Students Engage in Basket Weaving Workshop

Year 10 and 12 Textiles students recently gained a unique insight into the world of traditional craftmanship through a willow basket weaving workshop led by Ellie Morgan of Richmond-based @Wood Wool Willow. Students delved into the art of weaving with willow, a material known for its flexibility and strength, eagerly embracing the challenge of transforming simple bundles of raw willow branches into beautiful baskets.

With patience and precision, they learned the fundamentals of weaving, from the classic wicker pattern to using natural materials to bring different colours into their basket designs. Beyond mastering the technical aspects of basket weaving, the workshop provided students with valuable lessons in perseverance and problem-solving as they encountered adjusting tension or aligning weaving patterns.

Each basket became a testament to their creativity and ingenuity. As part of their current thematic project on the theme of ‘Entwined’, they will continue to explore how to incorporate textiles into their basketry, transforming them into works of art.

This enriching experience served as a reminder of the importance of preserving and celebrating age-old traditions. It offered students a rare opportunity to slow down, connect with their creativity, and immerse themselves in the timeless art of handcrafting. Thank you to all who supported and made this opportunity possible for our students.

Year 12 Visit to the National Portrait Gallery

Year 12 Fine Art students embarked on a fantastic visit to the newly reopened National Portrait Gallery to view the highly anticipated "The Time is Now: Artists Reframe the Black Figure" exhibition, a collection showcasing the intersection of history, identity, and contemporary expression through portraiture.

The trip started with an immersive "Identity through Portraiture" workshop, where students each made a small sketchbook before exploring the complexities of our multifaceted identities, heritage, culture, and experiences.

Led by an artist-curator, the group ventured into the galleries armed with their handmade sketchbooks, where they were greeted by captivating portraits. From iconic figures of the past to modern-day trailblazers, the exhibition presented a rich tapestry of perspectives on identity, race, and representation. As they navigated through the exhibition, students engaged in thought-provoking discussions about the significance of portraiture in shaping individual and collective identities, and the power of art to challenge stereotypes and confront societal norms.

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