Languages Trip to BFI
15 Mar 2024

Languages Trip to BFI


Chiswick School Languages department had a fantastic day taking Year 10 GCSE French students to the BFI IMAX alongside 450 others students from various schools. We had the opportunity to watch four short films on the UK's largest cinematic screen. Conducted mainly in French by Jerome Nogues, this interactive study day used short films to explore themes of identity and culture, introduce students to new vocabulary and provide us with opportunities to practice our listening, speaking and writing.

The Court-Métrages (short films) we watched and discussed were:

  • Un Monde d'Étiquettes
  • Quai de Seine
  • Les Lèvres gercées
  • Tomboy

Thank you to the PTA for funding this excellent dose of French culture!


On Thursday 14th March, the Languages Department took 50 Year 10 Germanists to the BFI Southbank for a study day exploring identity and belonging through short films and one feature film.

Listening and working entirely in German, we spent the morning analysing camera shots, sound and representation of different communities in four different short films (Bango Vassil, Kleingeld, Das Rad, Memories), and were amazed that the last of these was made by young people!

After a picnic outside, beside the Thames, we spent the afternoon watching a feature film, Berlin '36, all about discrimination in the run-up to the Berlin Olympics of 1936.

We had a terrific day and learnt a lot. Thank you so much to the PTA for kindly funding the trip in full. A perfect way to enrich the school- based curriculum!

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