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The Board of Governors has a collective responsibility for the safe and effective operation of the school, and has ultimate authority for making decisions about the strategic direction of the school. They fulfil their responsibilities through the following actions:

  • Appointing and managing the performance of the Headteacher
  • Strategic planning and agreeing the School Improvement Plan
  • Monitoring pupils’ progress and achievement through regular data analysis
  • Ensuring all pupils receive support according to their individual needs
  • Agreeing the school policies
  • Monitoring the quality of teaching and overseeing staff structure
  • Analysing in detail the school’s finances and ensuring careful management of the budget
  • Overseeing spiritual, moral, social and cultural education
  • Reviewing the school curriculum
  • Setting targets for the school’s performance
  • Sitting on panels as required for hearing staff or student grievances and appeals against student exclusions

The Board of Governors and the Headteacher work in partnership for the good of the school, respecting each other’s roles and responsibilities. Governors do not get involved in the day-to-day running of the school or in issues relating to individual students (other than in an exclusion panel). They act as a “critical friend” to the Headteacher and the school and provide advice, feedback and constructive challenge.

Apart from the Headteacher, who is ex-officio, parent and staff governors are elected for a term of four years; they can however be re-elected after this term has expired. Co-opted governors do not serve for a fixed period; they are appointed according to the requirement for their skills or experience in specific areas.  The school is following DfE guidance on ensuring the Board of Governors has the appropriate skill set to do the job effectively.

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Board of Governors

Chiswick School’s Board of Governors

Chair: Rachel Jerrome

Vice Chair: Ken Seeds, Jo Flanagan

Headteacher: Laura Ellener 

Parent governors: Jo Flanagan, Rachel Jerrome, Lesley Tulley​

Co-opted governors: Denny Anthony,  John Todd,
Ken Seeds, Luke Bocock, Paul Fawdry

Trust appointed governor: Nicholas Lee

Associate Member: Maria Sze, Jitesh Sudera

Clerk to Governing Body: Caren Benn

Academy Trust Members: Nicholas Lee and Andy Reid

Company Secretary: Joanna Duddy

Governors Details

Please click on the following link to view Governors Details for 2019-20.

Governors Details

Governors Register of Business Interests


Governors sign a form each term to declare whether they had any related parties with whom Chiswick School  has had any transaction in the last school year. (relevant parties are listed below).

  • Spouse or Partner
  • Adult children
  • Any person with whom they have a close personal relationship
  • Any entity in which they have an interest which gives the significant influence over its affairs.
  • Any interests in which any entities where the person noted under 1-3 above has a significant influence

Governors currently have the following Business interests to declare -

  • John Todd is a Councillor in Hounslow and a trustee for Chiswick House and Gardens Trust
  • Governors will then sign a form at each termly Full Governing Body meeting to confirm that they have no additional information to add since the date of the last signature. 

If you require any further information please contact the Clerk to the Governors.

Chiswick School Academy Trust

There are 4 members of the Chiswick School Academy Trust, which is a charitable company responsible for the running of the school, and which has control over the land and other assets. Although it has an official role in submitting an Annual Report and Accounts to Companies House and holding an Annual General Meeting (AGM), it delegates most matters of governance to directors – also called governors. For more information, see Revised Articles of Association February 2016.


The Board of Governors recently underwent a restructure in line with DfE guidance. The previous committee structure has been replaced and governors now attend meetings more frequently about all school business. This means they are fully informed about all aspects of governance. Sometimes a small working party will look closely at a particular project and report back to the board of governors on findings and recommendations. The one exception is the Pay and Staffing committee, which meets regularly and reports to the main Board of Governors on aspects of staffing.

Meetings and Reporting

Each governor is linked to a designated area of activity within the school (for example, SEN-D or Health and Safety) and they are responsible for reporting back on this area to the whole governing body at meetings held at least twice a term. A summary of the minutes of these meetings is available for all to see on the Minutes section of this website.

Meetings are usually held at 6.30pm on weekdays and last around two and a half hours. In addition, there is an AGM once a year and a Development evening. Meeting dates for the 2019/20 academic year are as follows:

Governing Body Meeting Dates 2019-20

Meeting minutes are available upon application from the Clerk of Governors -

Terms of Reference

Please click on the link below to view the Terms of Reference for the Governing Body -

Term of Reference 2018-19

Training and commitment

All new governors receive induction training and are allocated a mentor. There is a wide programme of training courses available through the London Borough of Hounslow all year round and governors also commit to studying training modules online through the Modern Governor website, to which the school subscribes. Governors receive weekly newsletter updates through the NGA (National Governors Association) and are expected to keep up to date on education policy and government initiatives. An annual team development evening is held every summer and ad hoc training sessions are organised when a need is identified.

Governors read numerous papers and policies prior to meetings and they keep in close contact with the school in between meetings through informal visits and by attending school events. The Chair/Vice Chair meets weekly with the Headteacher and communicates with the other governors on items discussed and new developments.

Governor Report (Audited Accounts)

Please click on the following link to view the Audited Accounts -



You can contact the Board of Governors by emailing or by leaving a note or letter at the school’s reception.  We welcome your feedback.

If you have a concern or complaint, please raise it with the school first. Any questions concerning your child’s education are best directed in the first place to his or her form tutor or an appropriate member of staff. Email addresses of individual teachers are available by phoning reception on 020 8747 0031.

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