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Chiswick students are well dressed and demonstrate pride in the school. We would like to take this opportunity, however, to clarify some of the uniform questions asked by parents.

School Uniform consists of:

  • Blue blazer with Chiswick logo
  • Tie – of the correct year group colour (5 double stripes must be seen)
  • Sky blue long-sleeve shirt / short-sleeve shirt
  • Grey trousers/Grey skirt - shorts in the summer when announced.
  • Black, blue, grey, white or neutral socks/tights 
  • Black low heeled shoes (no trainers or boots)
  • Plain dark outside jacket, coat with no logos or badges
  • Chiswick School bag - Compulsory for all students Year 7-11
  • Grey skirt for year 7 girls only.

Ties for 2021-22

  • Current Year 7: navy + mustard stripes
  • Current Year 8: navy + green stripes
  • Current Year 9: navy + light blue stripes 
  • Current Year 10: navy + maroon stripes
  • Current Year 11: navy + silver stripes

Optional clothing:

  • ‘V’ neck pullover, sleeveless pullover, and cardigan – all navy blue with sky blue piping around the collar and school logo,
  • Blue, black or grey hijab

If a student arrives in school with incorrect uniform, they will be expected to accept the offer of a correct uniform.

They may also be sent home to change into the correct dress. Trainers are only to be worn for PE unless we are provided with a doctor’s certificate giving a medical explanation. 

  • Hair: students are not allowed dyed, or multi-coloured hair or styles that are offensive e.g. shaved/partially shaved heads. No lines or slits in eyebrows or hair.
  • Nails: Acrylic nails are not permitted and if they cannot be removed students may be sent home as these are a health and safety risk. No nail varnish is allowed on acrylic or normal nails.
  • Piercings: students are allowed one set of small gold or silver studs on their earlobes ( no coloured gems or diamantes) ; no other piercings on ears or other bodyparts are permitted and students will be asked to remove them. If students refuse they may be placed in inclusion or sent home as these are a health and safety risk.
  • Henna: henna on nails is not permitted. For celebrations during term time, patterns which can be covered with uniform are permitted.
  • Jewellery: no jewellery may be worn in school with the exception of a watch and one plain set silver or gold in the ear lobe.

School Unform Flyer

How to Purchase School Uniform

All uniform items can be bought from our preferred supplier, Sanco Schoolwear in Hounslow. Items of uniform can of course be bought from other retailers but please ensure that no items of clothing contravene the school uniform policy.

Ties can be purchased via Parentmail and collected from Student Services.

Sanco Schoolwear

Information about our uniform can be viewed HERE, along with full instructions on how to purchase HERE.

We would encourage parents to either (a) visit the Sanco website to place an order; or (b) make an appointment and visit the store, by 31st July at the latest. If left until August, you may have to queue or the items/sizes may not be available as stock can run out.

Purchasing Online: sanco.co.uk

Parents/carers can order from the Sanco website 24/7. To do so, please visit the Chiswick School page on their website: -


Visiting the Store

Alternatively, to visit the store you will need to make an appointment. You can do so via the link below.


The appointments are for 10 or 20 minutes. 

Basic PE Kit (available from SWI only)

Girls and Boys

  • T-shirt, blue with Chiswick logo
  • Blue shorts
  • Blue socks
  • Trainers/Football boots

    Optional extras
  • Navy jogging pants
  • Blue half zip (fleece) top with Chiswick logo
  • Blue rugby style top

PE kit must be ordered through Sportswear International. 

Chiswick Uniform Price List

Order PE Kit Online

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