Music Highlights
5 Apr 2024

Music Highlights

Faure Requiem

On Saturday 16 March, 80 singers from Chiswick and beyond performed one of the greatest Choral works of all time: Faure’s Requiem. Chiswick Voices started their preparations for this on the first day back and have been working on it continuously for 20 minutes a day, five days a week. Chiswick Community Choir on the other hand, being the slackers that they are, could only muster four rehearsals, but in fairness to them, they delivered on the night. Many (parents, teachers, and local community members) had made their first performances back on the stage since they themselves were at school, and you can catch up with the whole video here.

To all you parents who wished you could have joined Chiswick Community Choir: never fear.

Here is a mailing list where you can hear about future projects. The idea is simple: fewer rehearsals before a show, but a higher expectation of prep. It’s the ideal choir for the busy London parent who likes singing, or wants to try something new.

Band Highlights

There’s been quite a lot happening here so let’s keep it brief: The Q have done two shows at the Queen’s Head and will have performed a show at the George and Devonshire by the time of publication. The Q have been brilliant at welcoming supporting acts recently, and have been joined by Cronos, Invasion, and Blue Monday this term. The only slightly awkward thing is that The Q giving more of a platform to Invasion has allowed them to produce the most viewed youtube video on the school channel. Elsewhere, Dark Riders did their second full show at the City Barge on February 28th, supported by The Refreshers and featuring solos from Skye D and Amelia A. The band also performed at Wendell Park Primary’s assembly on Friday 22nd March, and No Refund, the other Year 8 band did their first solo show at the City Barge on Wednesday 27th March.

Recital Evenings

Three recital evenings have happened recently. On 6 Feb, Harry, Orla and Mylu showcased their very own recital evening, allowing these three accomplished musicians to do a much more extended set of their own works. Later on, we had our open Senior Recital Evening, including solo debuts from Victoria, Lucy, Logan, Joel, Lara, and Celia, and on 12 March, we had the Yearv7 and 8 Girl’s Choir do their second full solo show, singing a mixture of pop and folk songs. This is the only time that Mr. Moxon has programmed a Taylor Swift song to feature in a Chiswick Concert, but he can’t complain, it went down a treat. Special mention must go to the soloists: Anja, Sophie, Flo, Taira, Alba, and Amelia

Melina on ORA Singers Young Composers Scheme

We’re really pleased to share that Melina B (Year 12) has made it onto the Ora Singers Young Composer scheme. This scheme gives Melina a huge view into the world of composition, allowing her bespoke sessions covering compositional ideas in more depth and giving her opportunities to network with other young musicians to share her ideas. Congratulations!

Music Essay Competition

It’s back and the questions are….. interesting.

It’s open to every pupil, even if they do not study music. Even if your child doesn’t like essays, they are all good conversation starters for the dinner table. Find out more.

Upcoming shows

Many music dates for summer term are soon to be published. Check out the calendar on the website for all performing arts shows, coloured in blue.

Missed a show?

As disappointed as we are that you missed one of our performances, you can now catch up with many of our shows on our YouTube channel.


If you want to sign up for music lessons in summer term - there is still time. We now offer more instruments, including composition. Sign up here.

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