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The library is a well-stocked resource for both students and staff. We encourage you to make use of our excellent facilities. 

There is a wide range of stock including non-fiction, fiction and reference books. We also have an Archive dating back to the 1920s.

To access the English Department's subscription to the English and Media Centre Magazine please follow the link and enter the login details below:

  • Username: Chiswick
  • Password: Chiswick

This will give you access to each monthly issue as well as to hundreds of articles in the archives that could support your wider reading for any of the humanities subjects.

There are six networked desktop computers, which students can use before school and during both breaks. During busy periods of the year these may need to be booked in advance through Mrs Williams.

The Library also offers a well-stocked Stationery Shop that can be accessed before school and during break and lunch times.

Opening Hours

Monday 8.00 – 15.00
Tuesday 8.00 – 15.00
Wednesday 8.00 – 15.00
Thursday 8.00 – 15.00
Friday 8.00 – 15.00

During exam season the opening hours of the library may be subject to change due to the necessity of holding public examinations in the venue.

Library Staff

Library Manager - Mrs Williams

Project Loans

Project loans are available on request. You must give us 24 hours notice. Please feel free to discuss your needs with the library staff on extension 2023.

Loan Periods

  • Normal – 2 weeks
  • Overnight
  • Restricted – up to 3 days
  • Day loan

Loan Limits

  • Year 7 – 9: 1 book for two weeks
  • Year 10 – 11: 2 books for two weeks
  • Year 12 – 13: 3 books for two weeks
  • Staff: 30 books for project loans

Lesson Time in the Library

During lesson times, students can only access the library if a teacher has pre-booked the facilities.

The Library houses many of our intervention programmes during school hours – including Paired Reading during tutor time and Phonics training during the day.

Notes & Movement Cards are accepted when sending students to the Library.

Break Time in the Library

Students may use the library computers; this may be limited to once a week during busy periods.

Students will be refused computer access if they are found to have overdue items on their records.


Please return your books on time. If items are lost, cost of replacement will be requested.

Book Search

Teachers and students can search for books in our Library HERE.

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