Brilliant Club Graduation 2024
15 Mar 2024

Brilliant Club Graduation 2024

Students in Year 7 and Year 10 spent the winter completing a rigorous academic project with the Brilliant Club known as the Scholars’ Programme. This involved tutorials with a university tutor and some independent research, culminating in a piece of extended academic writing beyond the usual demands of their key stage at school. Our Year 7 Brilliant Club students completed work exploring new uses of near infra-red spectroscopy, and our Year 10 cohort examined the language of young adult novels to engage with literary criticism. Both projects were very demanding and the students did fantastically well to complete some very impressive pieces of work. At the end of February, both cohorts travelled to Southampton University for their graduation event, getting a chance to see the university and speak to current students as well as receiving their certificates! This was a fantastic day out and a great chance to think a bit more deeply about what paths might be open to them in the future. Thank you to all who took part for their hard work, and congratulations again. The students involved are listed below:

Year 7

Dasha L, Sulaiman M, Julia F, Christian T-M, Ghassan A, Levi W-F, Sara M, Lillibet B, Eli K, Holly R and Kit S

Year 10

Amelie A, Yamen A, Henry B, Lexi C, Zainab H, Ryan K, Zara K, Charlie L, Victoria M, Yashasvi P, Miki S and Niamh T

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