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Chiswick School Sixth Form is a proudly comprehensive and co-educational Sixth Form for students aged 16-19. Sixth Form life at Chiswick School should feel in part like an undergraduate campus but one that has much more support than universities can offer. In this respect our focus goes beyond ensuring excellent academic provision and incorporates a commitment to providing all students with access to world-class enrichment opportunities and state-of-the-art wellbeing support.

Teaching and Learning

We firmly believe that the implementation of a challenging, broad, and rich curriculum should be supported by the creation of a learning environment where all students feel safe and valued. Fundamentally, any Sixth Form needs exceptional teaching at its core. At Chiswick School Sixth Form we strive to ensure that all lessons are delivered by experts who have an abundant pool of subject knowledge on which to draw, in order to allow students to reach and exceed the demands of the curriculum. All subject staff take part in regular professional development aimed at incorporating the latest developments in teaching and learning research to enable them to deliver truly outstanding lessons.   


We are proud to endorse wellbeing as our next priority at Chiswick School Sixth Form. We have a bespoke ‘Wellbeing Curriculum’ that includes a number of activities that directly address student wellbeing. We are fortunate to have an immensely strong pastoral team including a full time Pastoral Support Officer, along with tutors and heads of year the Sixth Form team is here to secure student wellbeing.

We firmly believe that sixth formers should have a say in the issues that affect them, and so students are also given the opportunity to join our well-developed Senior Student Committee. Senior students debate and make decisions that have a tangible impact on Sixth Form life. They lead the organisation of fundraising events, social events and act as excellent ambassadors for the school during events such as the sixth form open evening.


Our enrichment programme is outstanding and offers all students the chance to grow beyond the curriculum and develop wider skills. Students can become involved in a broad range of leadership roles within the school; widen their knowledge of the arts and cultural events; involve themselves in either competitive sports or exercise for fun; attend clubs and societies; engage in community projects and fundraising activities and build a repertoire of experiences that will give them the confidence to lead others in their future life. We furnish the students with the qualifications, skills and attributes to compete with absolutely any other young person, for the best university and college places, or the career of their choice.


The final part of Sixth Form life that we want to advertise here is our careers advice. Whether considering university, apprenticeships, or the workplace we have experts at Chiswick who can support you. We have had significant success in recent years and are committed to ensure that all students find destinations that are right for them.

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