Highlights from Performing Arts
4 Apr 2024

Highlights from Performing Arts

Romeo and Juliet

As a department we like to perform off site as much as possible, so when we decided to produce Romeo and Juliet, we approached The Tabard Theatre to see if we could perform there, much to our delight they were delighted!

Our production of Romeo and Juliet included music, dance and some incredible acting from an experienced and talented group. Music played a large part in our narrative with songs punctuating the story, highlighting particular themes. The cast walked among the audience, a constant reminder of the tragedy to come. Highlights of the evening were the shock death of Tybalt and the eventual ending of the "star crossed lovers". The audience's favourite part however was the balcony scene, played from the lighting box of the theatre, with Juliet petulantly shouting abuse at the nurse! Both evenings were a sell out, and the cast received a well earned standing ovation both nights.

Dance Duo

We have started to use Hogarth Youth and Community Centre as a performance base for some of our smaller productions. Last month we took our actors there to perform a series of monologues and duologues; this month was the turn of our dancers, who have been working hard to complete their GCSE duets and solos. The evening was an opportunity for them to show the work they had done, and be filmed for their qualification. In total we showed twelve dances, and ended with a whole group dance. The evening was a great success and we hope this will lead to our students receiving high grades!

Animal Farm

Our fourth production this month, and our fourth venue! Animal Farm!

This production was staged as an immersive piece with the actors engaging directly with the audience, walking among them and bringing them into the action. Our interpretation of the play included speeches from Soviet leaders and excerpts from 1984 ( Orwell's other masterpiece). No individual in the performance took a single role, it was an ensemble endeavour, with each actor hidden behind masks. The play included movement pieces and protest songs for additional emphasis.

This was the final performance from our year 13s who are leaving us soon for Drama school and University, and it was a fitting and emotional farewell for them.

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