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At Chiswick School we have 4 principles that guide us. 


Ambition - At Chiswick School we are ambitious and work hard to achieve our goals. We understand that we need to keep moving forwards and strive for excellence in all that we do.

Fairness - We understand that to be fair we need to go beyond equality. Underpinning our school development plan is a commitment to advantage the disadvantaged. The principle of fairness shapes our behaviour and decision making

Humility - Allows us to focus on others and our community, the bigger picture and important things that promote growth and development

Togetherness - A sense of belonging and worth is vital for happiness and success. Chiswick School is a family and serves its students, parents, staff and community. 

Ambitious And Proud - Our Vision Statement for Chiswick School

The first choice secondary school for Chiswick, an aspirational sixth form destination. Providing an exceptional and rounded education to develop the whole child, our students leave us: successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors, responsible citizens.

The first choice secondary school for Chiswick

We work closely with primary schools in Chiswick and our offer builds on the curriculum your child studies at KS2. We are determined to compete with private schools and were delighted that four of our Year 13 gained places at Oxford or Cambridge this year. Many of our teachers studied at Oxbridge and Russell Group universities and have strong subject knowledge which support challenge and stretch in our classrooms. We are proud of our diverse and comprehensive intake and strive to reflect our wonderful local community.

An aspirational sixth form destination

A Levels may seem a long time away and we are delighted that more of our students are choosing Chiswick School to study for these qualifications. Our newly refurbished sixth form centre provides excellent facilities and student destinations include top universities. From Year 7 we provide a comprehensive careers programme and students enjoy a visit to a University.

Providing an exceptional and rounded education to develop the whole child

We are proud that Ofsted awarded us an outstanding judgement for Personal Development. This means that our provision is a model for other schools and amongst the best in the country. Extra curricular, trips and visits, pastoral care and character education are included in this category, and as well as providing exceptional teaching and learning, we believe school should enrich young people and that the opportunities we provide should be life enhancing.

Our students leave us: successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors, responsible citizens

Over the last 18 months we have developed our curriculum to ensure that it is challenging and exciting for all. We focus on ensuring that students understand the science of learning and create a highly productive climate in which students can achieve their very best. Our classrooms are disruption free and teachers are highly qualified subject specialists in all disciplines. Chiswick School is committed to the Arts and Sports and we participate in many national schemes aimed at enriching the national curriculum such as The Brilliant Club, Debate Mate and National Maths Challenges. We are committed to ensuring that when students leave us they are qualified and confident to move forward to the next stage in their adult lives.

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