21 Oct 2022

Chiswick School Y9 girls' football team celebrating victory

Chiswick School girls' team return home celebrating a 5-3 victory against Elthorne School!

Match Report by Randa, Year 9

The talented girls played an eventful 90-minute match. Daisy took the first kick of the game. The Chiswick School girls kept up a strong defence and a strong attack; they kept possession of the ball as they made themselves available so they could continue playing strongly. Chiswick School started off strong, but a slight slip-up caused Elthorne School’s strikers to seize possession of the ball and score - they were taking the lead and had raised the score to 1-0.

Chiswick School then solidified their defence and pushed forward. Successful passes were made and Elthorne School’s defence was starting to become weaker. Stephanie had received the ball from a block, and within the blink of an eye, she was through on goal. She took a shot and scored, equalising the score to 1-1! After several minutes of passing, receiving, defending and shooting there was some more action. Daisy dribbled from the halfway line all the way to the box and blasted the ball into the back of the net! Her footwork and technique were really impressive during her run-up. She intimidated the defenders, making more space for her to score.

Soon after, Stephanie had intercepted a pass made from one defender to another. She pelted forwards closer to the goal and smashed it into the top bin, making the score 3-1! We also had amazing goalkeeping skills from Isobella and Lois who generously took one for the team and agreed to stay in goal. Suddenly, an unexpected tackle was made causing Lily to get possession of the ball. She carefully but speedily dribbled and nutmegged a defender. She was through on goal and shot. It was blocked but she didn't give up; she ran forward to get the ball again and shot, sending the ball to the back of the net. The whole team ran to her to congratulate her, and a proud smile hung from her face after that amazing goal.

Moments later, the talented Lacey had made a wonderful cross sending the ball to Bethany. She took a touch of the ball and shot with all her power, raising the score to 5-1! Then the whistle was blown meaning the eventful first half had ended. After the girls took a water-break and caught their breath, they returned to their positions. During the second half, quite a few tackles were made leading to free kicks. Eventually, an unexpected foul was made inside of the box and the ref declared it was a penalty. Elthorne School changed the score to 5-2.

Several minutes later Elthorne was through on goal. They made a strike and scored! The match ended with the score of 5-3, five goals by Chiswick School girls and three goals by Elthorne School girls.

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