Year 11 Food GCSE trip to Bread  Ahead, Borough Market
12 Oct 2022

Year 11 Food GCSE trip to Bread Ahead, Borough Market

Year 11 Food GCSE embraced the opportunity to visit Borough Market where they were able to explore food commodities in their entirety. The students sought out live lobster, gigantic blocks of cheese, fresh octopus, langoustines, freshly baked and laminated aragostine and various types of meats including wild boar. Year 11 also sampled gluten free ice cream made from goat’s milk, paella, sugar cane, oysters and caviar! Many students could not resist sampling the beautifully baked brownies.

The next phase of this trip was a hands-on pizza workshop where the students had the chance to develop their understanding of the process and functions of ingredients of breadmaking. All students were taught by the amazing Chef Alessandro who demonstrated how to make pizza and Italian grissini breadsticks. It was a proud moment watching the students roll the bread stick dough into consistent lengths and thicknesses. Year 11 used fresh yeast to make their pizza bread dough. They shaped their pizza base and topped their pizza with fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil. They also learned how to check when the gluten had formed in the dough and how to stretch their pizza base into shape. Each student was then given their pizza and grissini to take home as well as a Bread Ahead scraper which they used to clean their tables after baking!

All students had a story to relay about what they had seen, sampled, smelled, discovered and admired. They answered lots of questions posed by Chef Alessandro during the pizza workshop and were able to demonstrate previous knowledge learned through Q & A discussions as well as strong preparation and cooking skills. Well done to Year 11 for making the trip such a memorable experience!!

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