Speed Networking Day
4 Apr 2019

Speed Networking Day

Two hundred Chiswick School students in Year 9 visited Chiswick Business Park on 4th April to take part in a Speed Networking Day. The event is part of the students’ ‘Future Focus’ employability programme; careers education activities that take place over three academic years, contributing to an employability portfolio that all Chiswick students will leave school with.

Invited by Enjoy-Work who run Chiswick Business Park, nearly 40 local business people got involved in ‘speed networking’ with small groups of Chiswick students. The students had six minutes to find out as much as they could about what different jobs entailed, meeting, amongst others;a personal trainer, a TV producer, an engineer, a doctor, a project manager, an architect, an editor, a journalist, a radio presenter, an events manager, human resources manager and a head of IT.

Asked what the event taught them about the world of work, students commented: ‘Work hard to achieve your goals’, ‘Do something you love, ‘Learn from your mistakes’, ‘Believe in yourself, never give up’, ‘There are so many jobs that I didn’t know existed’ and ‘You need good communication skills’. Sarah Comerford, Chiswick School Careers Advisor, said; "Students gained so much from this event. It is tempting for a year nine student to only envisage working in a role that they come across in their everyday life or in a job that someone does in their family. Speed networking opens the students’ eyes to so many other career possibilities."

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