Year 12 Politics Conference
12 Mar 2024

Year 12 Politics Conference

On March 11th the Year 12 politics students were able to watch a variety of political speakers. We heard from a diverse group of politicians including the Shadow Secretary of State for Health, leader of the Reform party, two current MPs and a member of the House of Lords. The students were able to question these speakers about their plans for the future and give the politicians some feedback!

Alistair Campbell and Rory Stewart gave the final talk which encouraged a lively debate about what the students felt was most important in our current political climate and they answered some really interesting questions surrounding their thoughts on current affairs.

We were very fortunate to hear from some of the leading politicians of each party and get a real sense of what they stand for. All of the Year 12 students came away with a new understanding of the differences between what the UK political parties stand for and how they plan to achieve their goals if elected in the upcoming election.

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