Anti-bullying Week 2023
10 Nov 2023

Anti-bullying Week 2023

This year the theme is ‘Make some Noise’ and that is exactly what we have done at Chiswick School.

We wanted to raise the awareness with a week full of assemblies, cupcakes, stickers and short films. This was rounded off with a PJ day where students could show how we can all be different (and comfortable) and proud of it. It was fantastic seeing the students and staff joining forces to show their best PJs and onesies.

We know worldwide this is a huge issue and ensuring we all play our part helps us to make the world a better place, one person at a time!

Students learnt about ‘banter’ and discussed how they need to be careful and kinder with their words and how they can help others to help ensure all students feel safe in school and know who to talk to about any worries.

Next year we have plans to do some workshops with an external company which will show our commitment to this cause.

Watch this year's Anti bullying campaign: kfzr4e-shc8

All concerns about bullying should be reported to a teacher or our email address: because at Chiswick we stand ‘United against bullying’.

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