13 Mar 2023

Year 9 STEM Trip to F1 Williams HQ

We were extremely fortunate to be able to invite a large group of our future STEM innovators to Williams F1 Racing in Oxfordshire this half term. The girls spent the morning experiencing what it was like to be part of an engineering and product design team, delegating the roles of software engineer, product tester, and marketing based on their strengths and interests. The teams flourished as they programmed autonomous cars to follow the Silverstone track, produced a marketing campaign and presented their business to the room all in an hour or two. We were incredibly proud of the way they took initiative and worked together to achieve successful results.

In the afternoon the girls had the opportunity to try out the latest developments in e-sports racing (the rumours are true, they did beat the staff…), and to visit the Williams F1 museum. The levels of scientific detail in the car designs were jaw- dropping, and it was motivating to see the real life application of learning about forces and energy in the classroom.

Thank you to all the girls and staff who came along for their engagement and enthusiastic participation in the day!

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