Music Scholarships
12 Sep 2022

Music Scholarships

We are pleased to announce that our first 6 music scholarships have been awarded to students in years 7-9.

We have selected six pupils who have showed enormous potential to grow into fine musicians. Four of them have been awarded completely free tuition for 2022-23, and two have been awarded substantial discounts to their lessons. This has been jointly funded by the music department and the PTA, to whom we are very grateful for their continued support. 

Alongside this, we now have a number of non-paid music scholars, who will join the other scholars and receive bespoke weekly training to push them far beyond their own age group.

Chiswick School is wholly committed to the idea that every child should be able to access a quality education, regardless of their background, and we hope that the scholarship scheme can grow in years to come. 

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