9 Dec 2019

The Brilliant Club

The Scholars Programme is a national initiative that places university researchers (PhD tutors) in schools to teach university-style tutorials to small groups of pupils. Many of these researchers are lecturers to students at university level, so it is a unique opportunity for students  to experience university-style teaching. Over the last 5 weeks Year 7 and Year 10 students have undertaken an exciting new learning opportunity with the Brilliant Club Programme. Year 7 students have been putting their critical thinking skills to the test with their studies of literary theory, whilst Year 10 students have engaged in developing their historical interpretations of the American Revolution.

The PhD tutors leading the in-school tutorial sessions have complimented staff about the high levels of enthusiasm shown by students on the programme. Year 10 students have been praised for the impressive standards shown in their essay writing techniques. Over 50% of the Year 10 students have already achieved a 1st and 2:1 grade classification on their draft assignments. All students involved in the programme are now in the process of writing their final assignments in preparation for their graduation ceremony at the University of Sussex on the 5th February 2020.

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