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As students enter the final phase of their Key Stage 3 studies, we are delighted to be able to offer information to support the hugely important decisions that those in Year 9 will soon take.

Making your Key Stage 4 option choices is an important time for all Year 9 students. Please take the time to review the information below to ensure informed choices are made.

On this page you will find resources to support your child in making their option choices for Key Stage 4. Making option choices is an important time for all Year 9 students and we want to provide all students with the information they need to make informed choices.  

An ‘Options Booklet’ has been designed to explain the curriculum our students will follow over the next two years in Key Stage 4. The booklet describes the content, assessment and opportunities that underpins each of the ‘core’ and ‘optional’ subjects.  We have also produced a video for each subject which will be available with the options booklet to aid you in making the best possible decisions. 

A large part of the curriculum is compulsory for all students but there is also an element of choice which means that students can shape their own learning programme in KS4 according to their interests and future education and career aspirations. GCSE and vocational qualifications are available; the style of each of these courses is very different. Please spend some time reading this information to help you make the best choices.

At Chiswick School it is our belief that a safe, secure, challenging and stimulating curriculum, offering a broad and balanced selection of subjects for all students, is our key role. Our curriculum is one which promotes examination success and recognises personal achievement at all levels. We ensure we are up to date on all curriculum changes and strive hard to provide the most suitable curriculum for all our learners.

Please click on the expandable sections below for further information about Year 9 Options and the process.

Options Booklet

Please click below to view the Year 9 Options Booklet 2024.

Our Curriculum (including Subject videos)

We have designed our current curriculum to meet the aspirations and interest of all our students with a view to  students achieving at least nine approved qualifications. 

We facilitate our curriculum so students follow the full The English Baccalaureate (EBacc) route which gives  students the opportunity to study a broad core of  subjects, ensuring that doors are not closed off to them in terms of future progression, for example  students hoping to go to university. The EBacc is a set of subjects and not a qualification, it consists of these subjects:

  • English language and English literature
  • Maths
  • Combined Science or Triple Science or Computer science
  • History or Geography 
  • An Ancient or modern language

We also give students the opportunity to study at least two more subjects of their choice.  

All students will follow a Core Programme which is made up of: 

  • GCSE English Language 
  • GCSE English Literature 
  • GCSE Mathematics 
  • GCSE Science (Combined)
  • PSHCE 
  • PE 

Students must pick one Language AND one Humanities subject: 

  • GCSE French 
  • GCSE Geography 
  • GCSE German   
  • GCSE History 

Students will have two option choices to make from the following list: 

Help your child to make the right choices

Please click below for information from the DfE on how to help your child to make the right choices - HERE

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