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Chiswick School's pastoral support structure

The aim of our pastoral structure is to ensure that every child achieves to and beyond potential and enjoys their time at Chiswick School.  We know that students need support and guidance to fulfil their full potential. Students’ daily care and welfare is supported through the work of the school’s Tutor teams, led by a Learning Co-ordinator.  The important work of the pastoral team helps the school to develop well-rounded students who will contribute to a positive school ethos.

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What our Form Tutors do

Each Year group of 215 students is led by a Learning Coordinator and is divided into 8 form tutor groups of approximately 24-30 students.  Each tutor group is led by a designated Form Tutor and this tutor will normally remain with the students as they progress through the school.  

Tutors meet their tutor group every morning to:

  • take the register (the afternoon registration is taken during the last lesson of the day) 
  • hand out information and notices 
  • check on students’ readiness for learning 
  • check uniform and equipment 
  • follow up on any issues of behaviour, punctuality or attendance 
  • encourage participation in extra-curricular activities
  • lead the Tutor Group in personal development activities and reading

Each tutor will support the learning and personal development needs of each child in their Tutor Group and is the first point of contact between school and home.  The tutor is responsible for tracking student progress, attendance, achievement and behaviour and providing guidance and advice when required.

What our Learning Coordinators do

Learning Coordinators promoting learning, safeguarding, health and well-being of all students. The pastoral Team provide advice and guidance to students on issues related to their education, personal, social and emotional development; in order that every student participates fully and gains the maximum benefit from everything the school has to offer. 

  • Each year team is led by a Learning Coordinator and their role is to;
  • Coordinate the work of the tutor team
  • Monitor progress & attainment 
  • Offer guidance regarding curriculum choice
  • Monitor instances of poor behaviour and sanction appropriately 
  • Celebrate and reward positive behaviour
  • Co-ordinate celebration/culture of achievement
  • Co-ordinate morning registration programme in readiness for learning
  • Ensure that high standards are maintained, respected and upheld by all

Internet Safety: What parents need to know 

Here is a guide to navigating the ever expanding world of the internet. The articles below highlight the issues concerned with effectively managing children's internet use.

ChildNet: Family Agreement for internet use - Starting the Conversation

Last year ChildNet created a Family Agreement as a great way to start a conversation with the whole family about use of the internet and discuss together how to behave in a positive way when online at home, at school or at their friends' homes. The advice and agreement templates can be found here:

London School of Economics: Latest trends in children’s internet use

The LSE have been following children's internet use for several years now as part of the

EU Kids Online project. Their latest report looks at:

  • Trend 1: YouTube and new celebrities
  • Trend 2: Sponsored content and its reliability
  • Trend 3: In-app purchasing
  • Understanding current trends

Further Information:

What parents need to know: Latest trends in children’s internet use

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