Q&A session with Ruth Cadbury MP
30 Apr 2019

Q&A session with Ruth Cadbury MP

Fresh from the Easter break the Sixth Form and GCSE Citizenship group were privileged to have a question and answer session from our local MP for Brentford and Isleworth, Ruth Cadbury. Ruth currently sits on the transport Committee and was happy to share her views. Naturally many of the questions revolved around the European Union and Brexit. The pupils were interested to hear that she was removed from the front bench of the House of Commons because she voted against triggering Article 50. The pupils enjoyed her forthright and passionate nature and appreciated her honesty.

Ruth is a staunch supporter of Chiswick School having attended last year to watch a theatre production on Alcohol for Year 7. She very kindly asked the pupils to contact her if they were interested in some work experience. We are very grateful for Ruth for giving up her time during an extremely busy period.

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