Spring Speakers
4 Mar 2024

Spring Speakers

Our Spring Speakers programme wrapped up at the end of February after several weeks of inspiring and hugely impressive speakers. Following talks by James Rodgers about the world of journalism and Gareth Shepphard about policing London’s firearms, we were delighted to welcome Tim Marshall to speak about geopolitics and more specifically his most recent book about the politics of space. Geography, Politics and Economics students (as well as many curious bystanders!) filled the room to bursting and we were all thrilled to hear Marshall’s views on how today’s powers are competing for control of our atmosphere and outer space. Everybody learnt a huge amount, and several students stayed behind for book signing and to ask follow-up questions. We are really grateful to Tim for giving up the time and look forward to welcoming him back in future years.

Following this, our Politics and Citizenship students had another treat in store with a talk from Hilary Benn, MP for Leeds Central and Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. Hilary took questions from students and engaged really thoughtfully and perceptively with all the students about issues ranging from parliamentary reform to the impact of Brexit on the economy to lessons we can learn from politics in Northern Ireland. He spent a long time speaking about the situation in Gaza and Parliament’s role in this, answering an array of questions. It was so kind of Hilary to give up his (very busy!) time to speak at length to our students and we were all hugely grateful.

If anybody has any contacts or ideas for unusual and inspirational speakers for next Spring’s programme, please email Ms Nonnenmacher any time.


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