Curry & Revision
21 Feb 2024

Curry & Revision

On February 20th we invited all parents and carers of Year 11 students to a ‘How to Revise’ evening where curry was served and Curriculum Team Leaders (CTLs) presented key revision strategies to support Year 11 student progress ahead of their important Pre Public Exams. The aims of the evening were threefold:

  1. To offer a reminder of our Chiswick School Sixth Form Entry Requirements
  2. To gain an insight into the support being offered in school
  3. To offer strategies and revision tips to use to best support students.

Chiswick staff gave parents and carers insight into the support in place and available for Year 11 students, from the revision bundles and revision support booklets to interventions at lunch time and after school to Year 11/12 peer tutoring. CTLs offered insight into the revision process and stressed the important of three key components (applicable to almost all subjects), accompanied by the rationale behind this strategy:

  1. Decide what they need to know e.g. Look in the Revision Support Booklet / the specification. Identify the knowledge and skills the students need to memorise.
  2. Memorising. e.g. Take notes from their knowledge organisers, revision guides. Storing the knowledge in their long term memory.
  3. Practising / Testing. e.g. Answer recall questions and complete past exam questions / past papers. Retrieving the knowledge from their long term memory, so they remember more; identifying which areas they need to spend more focused time on.

We are so proud of how hard Year 11 has worked and we are confident that as they continue to work hard in lessons, revise and apply their knowledge/skills through answering past papers, they will be very pleased with their results come August! There is no substitute for hard work at this stage, and the great news is that they’re doing it! Well done to Year 11 and thank you to parents and carers for supporting them with their progress.


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