15 Nov 2023

Belmont Primary School enjoy making apple crumble

We always look forward to Belmont Primary School visiting to make apple crumble.

The students in Year 5 learn about World War 2 and food rationing. Apple crumble was a rationed alternative to the traditional apple pie recipe which included lots more butter to make the pastry base and top.

Year 5 were taught the ‘rubbing in’ method to create a buttery crumble topping. The rubbing in method involves using your fingertips to rub in the flour and butter together until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. The students were careful to stop before the mixture turned into a dough. The Belmont students followed their recipe very carefully and this allowed the food science to happen. The butter stops the gluten (a protein) in the flour from developing and creates the shortening effect - a crumbly, melt in the mouth texture.

The students worked in such an impressive way. They listened and watched very carefully how to peel and core their apples. All students demonstrated a good range of skills and used the techniques shown to cut their apples consistently in size. Lots of other skills were learned during the cooking session - stewing, coring, draining, simmering, layering, mixing, sprinkling!

All students followed food safety and hygiene rules and worked safely using their paring knives to slice and dice their apples. They washed their hands regularly and used hot soapy water to ensure equipment was cleaned. There was excellent team work drying the equipment and wiping down surfaces.

Thank you to the staff and parents at Belmont School for helping all students make good quality apple crumbles to take home. Well done to Year 5 for being so focused and a pleasure to teach.


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