16 Jan 2023


A Level History students had a great return to school in January with a Friday night trip to the theatre! 24 students and three teachers went to see Mandela!, a new musical at the Young Vic Theatre, which told the story of Nelson Mandela’s life before and during his imprisonment, and his impact on the liberation struggle in South Africa. As well as being a fantastic recap of most of their A Level History course, the show really brought to life the culture and passion of South African freedom fighters during this period and we found the music and dancing incredibly moving. Unfortunately, cast illness meant that there were last-minute changes to the performance, and we saw more of a concert version than the full show, but it was so impressive that some students didn’t even notice the difference! Sadly, the continued cast illness meant that our second outing was cancelled on the day and the remaining students missed the chance to see the show, but we look forward to many more historical theatrical trips in future, and we will definitely be back to see Mandela! if we ever get the chance again!

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