Duke of Edinburgh
10 Oct 2022

Duke of Edinburgh

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh

On Friday 30th September, the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh students started their assessed expedition. The day started well, the students mapped out their routes and were eager to get going. The route was different to their practice, and it was great to see the teams work together and put the skills they’ve previously learned into practice.

When teams were arriving back at camp, the clouds decided it was time for a downpour. The students continued to cook their meals without prompting from staff. With no phones they spent the evening talking with friends under the shelter of the trees or trying to get warm in their tents.

Thankfully the next morning, the rain had stopped. The students started their morning by cooking breakfast, packing away their tents and preparing for their walk.

The staff and I were very impressed with everyone on the trip. Despite the heavy rain, spirits remained high and they were keen to get on with the final day of their expedition.

Well done everyone!

Silver Duke of Edinburgh

In October, the Silver Duke of Edinburgh students completed their assessed expedition. It was a fantastic weekend despite the rain in the late afternoon of day 1 and the colder temperatures compared to the summer practice.

Everyone worked together in their teams and helped support each other when the assessor asked them to demonstrate their abilities. There was noticeable improvement in their map reading and navigation skills, and over the three days with the support of others all students felt more confident in their abilities and were able to demonstrate this to the assessor.

On the last evening with no phones in sight, the students and Mr Chavda started a game of rounders before it was time to prepare their meals. I always admire the menu creativity some students have when it comes to cooking meals on a trangia.

The students should be very proud of themselves for their achievements.

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