14 May 2021

Fun Friday

Friday has been revolutionised at Chiswick School!

From ice lollies to dashes around the school matching up images, students and teachers alike have been looking forward to each new treat.

We feel that Fun Friday helps us to build memories with each other and celebrate being back together. It's something at the end of the week to look forward to and make us all SMILE!

Our most recent Fun Friday was a brilliant one, as students took on teachers with a range of tasks to see who would be crowned the champion.

Year 7

Fun Friday had a range of challenges, which all of the students really got involved with. We had the close-up challenge, finding images from the Year 7 bubble which was won by Fielding who correctly guessed all six images.

We also had 'Beat the Teacher' which was against Ms Green. There were penalty shootouts, a sprint race and a maths challenge, which was won by Kent.

The Year 7 students all got involved with these events and loved competing against each other which is exciting for upcoming events such as sports day and interform challenges.

Year 8

Fun Friday has been a fantastic addition to the week which Year 8 students have really enjoyed. A particular highlight was during ‘Beat the Teacher’ where we had penalty shoot outs and some super hard maths quiz/conundrum questions.

Only a handful of students managed to get a goal past Mr Viera but I have to say, one group of students managed to completely outwit him on the maths challenge! He got 5/15 questions right, but the girls from 8KE - Molly, Leah, Evalina, Charlie, Sarah, Anoushka, Kelly and the bonus of Molly C. from 8FI - achieved an incredible 11/15! A massive well done girls, you most certainly ‘beat the teacher'!

Another favourite was the £10 challenge, where students were only given £10 to spend, with the goal to try and make as much money out of that one ten pound note as possible.

We had the idea to auction off the items to the highest bidder, and ended up raising more money than all the other year groups and won the day! Seeing the students so keen to raise funds for charity and offer £19.50 for some strawberry laces was definitely the highlight! 

Year 9

'Beat the Teacher' was Year 9s favourite Fun Friday challenge yet, having penalties against the fantastic Ms Ramsden! She was amazing and had clearly practised all her saving moves!  

There was a queue as long as the eye could see to try their luck and see if they could ‘beat the teacher’ but not many succeeded!

Year 10

A number of students competed in a series of challenges against Mr Brathwaite in Fun Friday’s ‘Beat The Teacher’. Students had the opportunity to showcase their skills in football, basketball and athletics. A special well done to Tylen 10FI and Joshua K 10BL who both managed to better Mr Brathwaite’s valiant efforts.

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