20 Nov 2019

From the Past...

Julie Sewell was at Chiswick School as a student in the 1960s and she produces an amazing newsletter which celebrates the school’s history. We have decided to feature a different article each month to share the memories of the past with the existing students, parents and staff. This month’s story tells of a student who skipped lessons to meet The Beatles who were filming at Chiswick House. 


A Chiswick School student got to meet the Fab Four and was photographed with them and ended up on the front cover of the News of the World.

Annie recalls: “The classroom in the girls school faced Chiswick House Gardens... maybe there was a commotion out the front or someone ran and told us but the news was that the Beatles were in the park filming. A few of us didn't need to be told twice... We weren't phased by the consequences of running out of school; we were hysterical so that’s exactly what we did! 

I think we ran through the Park gate that faced the boys school and headed for the open area near the conservatory. We were screaming at each other, on a mission to find where they were. We came to the open area near the conservatory. A wall ran alongside the conservatory at the back. We couldn't see anyone. I shouted out that I would climb the wall to have a better view. 

I climbed the wall! From the top there seemed to be an allotment/vegetable garden behind the conservatory, (which was to my right) a sort of shed type building on my left and a pile of rubbish, (probably manure) directly beneath me. I jumped down on to it anyway and headed for the veg garden in front of me. As I passed the shed the garden opened out and there ( about 8-10 yards away) play fighting and posing were Paul and Ringo. I think they were having photos taken but I was so shocked I wasn’t really concentrating.

I have no idea what face I was pulling. I know my legs felt like jelly and I wondered what to do. 

I remember feeling sort of shy and silly at the same time and I really hated the fact I was in school uniform! but anyway they hadn't noticed me .

I started walking towards them wishing I had a friend with me to share such an unreal experience! Through the middle of the vegetable garden was a path that led towards the back of the conservatory and as I was probably taking my next step I saw George and John walking down the path. 

John saw me and called me over. From that moment on I was in a dream world. John and George were really lovely. John asked me if I was at school which was obvious, I suppose. He asked me what I wanted to take for ‘O’ levels! He said he liked art and I did too. I told him I was taking it as an extra as my dad thought it was more sensible to choose chemistry! yuk! Paul and Ringo came over ... Paul said “Hiya” I was amazed how normal they were as I knew I would look weird as I was in a daze.

They were aware schools were out and that loads of fans were out on the grass in front so they planned to go outside to play for everyone. I went outside with them. It was many of us! I sat on the lawn with some of my friends and heard them play still in an absolute daze.

I had the best memory!  

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