Chiswick 6th Form Performing Arts presents 'Lysistrata' at The Tabard - 25th and 26th January 2023 at 7pm

IMPORTANT / 9 Jan 2023

The Tabard is delighted to welcome Chiswick School Performing Arts to the theatre

The 6th form Performing Arts students have just completed a performance of the very dark and bloody Titus Andronicus, so it was decided their next performance should be TOTALLY different, hence the choice of the Greek comedy, Lysistrata!

In a world where we see on the news constant imagery of war and destruction, brought on by powerful yet deluded men, the story of a group of women standing up for their rights ( albeit in a very unconventional way!) seemed to fit the students’ own sensitivities.

This version is set during the Greenham Common demonstrations, but also takes a side swipe at the culture of “women who lunch” and the different stereotypes of manhood. 

Parental guidance: The play has been edited to omit some of the more “salacious” elements, while still retaining the sense of lewdness that makes the play so famous. 

Running time: Approx 1 hour (no interval)

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