20 Jan 2020

Welcome to Duchess the Therapy Dog!

We have been delighted to welcome Duchess, a therapy dog, to Chiswick School in January. Duchess (an Italian Spinone) will be in school every Thursday with her owner Tom.

Duchess is registered with the charity Pets As Therapy who aim to enhance health and wellbeing in the community through the visits of trusted volunteers like Tom with their behaviourally assessed animals. Owners and their pets visit hospitals, schools, hospices, nursing and care homes, and a variety of other venues all around the UK.

Duchess’ first two visits have been extremely successful; the students who have spent time with her have responded really positively. Her owner Tom says:

“Duchess was the product of a large litter of Spinones born in Devon four years ago. Her disposition from day one was to be curious, very loving and wholly involved with humans. There's not an angry bone in her body. I notice that at your school, on visits, she's sometimes so relaxed with your pupils that she almost nods off, but a handful of kibble soon wakes her up again.”

Chiswick School are very grateful to Tom for volunteering to bring Duchess to school every week. For more information, you can visit

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