Summer Arts Festival success
13 Jul 2019

Summer Arts Festival success

Once more, this annual event became a platform for our students to showcase their diverse talents. In our gallery, the work of students from both Visual Arts and Design Technology subjects was displayed; from Product Design, Food Technology and Textiles, to Photography and Fine Art. During the festival, students and their families had the opportunity to take part in a wood-cutting and a mosaic project, while many talented students were performing drama and music. The Summer Arts Festival is an important event, as it's an excellent opportunity to celebrate our students' achievements and creativity.

- Mr Matsangouras

What another fantastic festival to end the school year! This year was bigger and better than ever with over 120 students performing on five different platforms. The entertainment ranged from Somalian Drama and Goan singing to South American pieces and British/American songs. The vibrancy of the stages outside was complimented with the serene European classical representation in the Main Hall. The newly formed Dance Club stunned us with their moves and Freya Rodgers with her ballet. Mr Mahon 'pumped up the jam' with his DJ crew in A32 which was a real treat. Parents and staff had a great time and we are all extremely proud of all involved. Arts at Chiswick is alive!

- Ms Perry

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