29 May 2019

Highlights from Hospitality

Year 8 Food

Year 8 mastered the skill of making Swiss Roll. They learned about aeration and the different ways we can add air to a food product. Lots of whisking, sifting, eggs, self raising flour and careful folding of their mixture resulted in a light, airy and soft textured Swiss Roll. Students were given the technical challenge of making sure they had better ‘swirls’ than those on The Great British Bake Off - and they did! Excellent focus from many students! Well done, Year 8!

Year 9 Food

Year 9 are travelling around the world learning about international cuisines!! After carrying out a a product analysis from any cuisine of their choice, their first stop was Italy, where they made fresh pasta, and sampled it with fresh pesto and tomato and chilli sauce. Next stop was Britain, making mini fish and chips and shepherd’s pie. Our recent visit to the Asian countries was extremely successful. Year 9 used a vibrant array of ingredients and spices to make Singapore noodles, chicken katsu curry, spring rolls to name but a few and staff kept popping in to say how amazing the food smelt! Well done to the students who ended up having a fortune cookie ‘bake off’ when rising to the challenge of folding their fortune cookies which took skill and resilience - which included little notes!

Year 11 Hospitality

Year 11 Hospitality demonstrated excellent working skills used in the Hospitality industry by organising an afternoon tea event for staff. Students were required to show how well they can work as a team for their coursework task. They worked extremely hard baking and setting up.

Students served staff carrot cake, Victoria sponge, lemon drizzle, chocolate brownies and beverages. They were observed on team work, initiative, respecting each others’ skills and needs, verbal and non-verbal communication, having a positive approach and willingness to follow instructions.

The students excelled themselves welcoming their guests, seating them and helping them make choices from the menu. Staff commended students on the delicious cakes and how enjoyable and experience they had - “it was fantastic!” “ we need to have this on a regular basis” “the table looked amazing… made to feel so welcome….cakes were delicious and looked beautiful”.

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