Year 7 Pop Art Cushions
27 May 2019

Year 7 Pop Art Cushions

In Year 7 students complete a term in Textiles as part of their Design and Technology rotation. Students this year have loved making their cushions, especially using the sewing machine!

Students start the project by researching Pop Art and completing a research-based GEM task. We encourage students to present their work in the style of pop art. Take a look at the amazing examples (left and below) from the Spring term.

Next students learn how to complete applique with hand embroidery and fabric paint, by producing some samples, before designing their Pop Art cushion, working to a specification.

Then students embark on their cushion decoration; there is an emphasis on accuracy so students create their own pattern and marker, ensuring that the decoration is positioned equally on the cushion. Students must use applique, hand embroidery and fabric paint; they can also add other decorations like beads and sequins if they want to.

Finally, once the decoration is complete, students take their sewing machine driving test, before sewing the hems and sewing the whole cushion cover together.

Well done to all Year 7s who have made some lovely cushions and have really captured the pop art theme.

Miss Clarke

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