Parent Governor Election
20 Apr 2019

Parent Governor Election

All parents were contacted on 13th March to invite nominations for the vacancy of parent governor. There has been a good response and there are 4 candidates for this position. This means we must now hold an election and parents will have the opportunity to vote for their preferred candidate.

Each candidate has been asked to submit a personal statement about why they wish to volunteer as a school governor at Chiswick School, including details of their skills and attributes. These can be viewed below and should help you to make your decision.

Andy Beetham

Victoria Buchanan

Lindsay Posner

Lesley Tulley​

Please ensure you complete your vote on the ballot paper sent home by marking a single X alongside the name of the parent you support. Each parent/guardian is entitled to one vote. Please then follow the instructions below:

1. Place the ballot paper(s) into a BLANK sealed envelope, this will enable us to ensure that the ballot is secret. 

2. Place this first blank envelope (containing the marked ballot paper) into a second envelope. The first envelope may be folded if required. 

3. Seal the second envelope and write on it your name and the name and class of your child, this will ensure your eligibility to vote.  The outer envelopes will be removed and discarded before the inner envelopes are opened for the count.

4. Please return your envelopes to school by 12 noon on 1st May 2019, the count will take place at this time. You may post your envelope to the school, return it by hand or pupil delivery. The ballot boxes will be positioned in Reception and Student Services.

5. The candidates will be invited to attend the count.

Once the votes have been counted you will be notified of the result of the election.

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