Year 8 National Theatre Trip
14 Mar 2019

Year 8 National Theatre Trip

Students had the opportunity visit the National Theatre and be introduced to a broad range of backstage and offstage careers in the theatre. Through practical workshops, talks and interactive demonstrations with working professionals, students gained an insight into a range of different careers from lighting and sound to costume, marketing and casting.

Activities included designing and creating their own set design, arranging lighting and sound for a Treasure Island scene and a tour of the workshops backstage.

One student reflected about the tour saying: “It was really interesting going to a real working theatre and seeing backstage as I had never seen one before. I loved seeing how all the props were made, there was this pig with intestines that you could pull out which looked really realistic.’ Tyler A

Another commented on the impact it had on him thinking about his career saying: “It was a really beneficial trip as it showed me all the different theatre careers that I could go into in the future that I didn’t even know existed before.” Arjen P

All in all it was a fantastic day for the students where they gained invaluable knowledge and first-hand experience which will hopefully inspire our students to enter the theatre profession in the future.

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