Year 9 History trip to the  Museum of London Docklands
16 May 2022

Year 9 History trip to the Museum of London Docklands

Ten Y9 students accompanied Ms Nonnenmacher, Ms Lamptey and historian Nadege Forde-Vidal on a trip to the Museum of London, Docklands in April. The trip was part of their ongoing Sanfoka Project to research local Black history in the 18th century and present it publicly to improve the accuracy of the stories we tell about our local area. After investigating two escaped slaves called Marina Dellap and Prince who took their freedom in Isleworth in 1765, the students wanted to understand how the Museum of London presents stories of the transatlantic slave trade, and rebellion and resistance against it. They had a fantastic day out, critiquing the displays and gaining a deeper understanding of the way history is presented to the public. They are currently finishing the project by adding their own, accurate research to a range of Wikipedia entries in order to improve the way Black history is being represented in our local area - more to follow next month!

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