Year 10 Food Styling SkillsYear 10 Food Styling Skills
7 Mar 2022

Year 10 Food Styling Skills

Year 10 have worked hard this year developing their food preparation and cooking skills. The course requires students to ‘show off’ as much as possible by ‘upskilling’. This means showing how they can make as many products from scratch as possible (pastry making, pasta making, bread making, etc). We upskill products with accompaniments and condiments (bread, jam, sauces, etc).

Sam and James ‘showed off’ their upskilling when they made scones with homemade jam and butter. Very simple to make, but a great demonstration of a high skill! You only need fresh/frozen fruit, sugar and lemon boiled and simmered to a thick consistency for the jam. For the butter, put double cream into an airtight jar - and shake, shake, shake! The cream separates into a buttercream and a liquid (whey). You can rinse the butter with ice water and squish before flavouring with salt.

Year 10 had the “best Food lesson ever” showing off their food styling skills which revolved around a Tunnock's Teacake. Students practise presentation skills in preparation for their NEA2 (non-exam assessment) in Year 11 where they will make three dishes in three hours, presented all together. This is a challenging aspect of their exam and I am glad to say their dedication and diligence exceeded expectations. There was a fabulous design of ‘food architecture’ using chocolate work, piping skills, coulis making, dusting, feathering, smearing, dotting and fanning. It was a pleasure to watch them enjoy eating their creations too!!

I am extremely proud of how all students studying Food this year have been organised, bringing in ingredients, focused on making good quality products and their mature contributions in theory and practical lessons. Thank you to all parents and carers for your continued support of the subject.

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