Sankofa ProjectSankofa Project
4 Mar 2022

Sankofa Project

A group of Year 9 students were the first to take part in the Sankofa Project, a brand new local history project for London schools led by Nadege Forde-Vidal. Our students have been participating in primary research, finding out about life in 18th century Isleworth and the story of two runaway slaves in 1765 called Prince and Marina Dellap. Using a range of materials including the national runaway slave database, students have been doing first-hand research to better understand the work of a historian.

The discussions Nadege has had with our students were truly impressive, with thoughtful and perceptive inferences being made, and piercing questions pushing the research further. After Easter, we are excited to visit the Museum of London Docklands Gallery to continue this research, before creating Wikipedia entries to share what we have learnt with the public, completing the whole process of academic historical research.

Congratulations to the students on their fantastic work so far!

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