31 Jan 2022

Sixth Form students offered top universities

January has been a very exciting time in the Sixth Form. UCAS applications have all been sent and we are delighted with the offers that have been coming in for all of our Yr13 students. The dedication and diligence of their Yr12 work is a testament to them and we have been very proud of their continued commitment in Yr13.

Students who applied early to UCAS for Oxford, Cambridge, Medicine and Dentistry are seeing the results of their hard work. Students applying for these prestigious places have spent countless hours researching, preparing for admissions tests and taking part in practice interviews with staff and industry professionals. Students have received some amazing offers recently such as:

  • Rabbi S - University of Oxford (Lincoln College) - Mathematics
  • Oskar W - University of Oxford (Wadham College) - Mathematics and Philosophy
  • Cameron SK - University of Oxford (Hertford College) - Law
  • Gwen B - University of Cambridge (Jesus College) - History
  • Fatima-Zarah Y - University of Cambridge (Downing College) - Human, Social, and Political Sciences
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