19 Nov 2021

Anti-Bullying Week

At Chiswick School we are proud to support and recognise Anti-Bullying Week. We have had lots going on!

Odd Socks Day

One our firm favourites, where everyone gets involved in wearing different coloured/patterned socks to help spread the message that being unique and different is great and something to be celebrated... and that is exactly what we did! A huge thank you to all those involved as we raised lots of money... and eyebrows walking down Chiswick High Road.

One Kind Word

With the theme being One Kind Word, we had an assembly explaining just how important our kind words are and how they can set off chain reactions of kindness, which is what we want. Watch the official trailer here. We have also had lots of discussions in form time and raised lots of money for Anti-Bullying Alliance - the full amount will be shared soon.

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