27 Sep 2021

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze

On Saturday 25th September, 83 Year 11 students embarked on their Bronze D of E assessed expedition.

The students were excited to be taking on the challenge and work in their teams to navigate their way through the countryside. A couple of teams took a small wrong turn but used their skills from the practice expedition to find their way without assistance from staff.

The students each took away something new from this experience, including the confidence to do things on their own and be self-sufficient, how to communicate effectively, or how to build a tent for the first time.

In their debrief groups were bursting with joy that they had completed this expedition. Students had clearly learnt from previous mistakes and they noticed a significant difference in the way they worked as a team for their assessment, the aim of this section of the Award.

It was fantastic to see all the students giving it their all and each of them deserve praise for the way they conducted themselves. I am pleased to say that they passed their expedition section with flying colours.

Well done everyone!

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