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6 Sep 2021

Student Leadership

The student leadership is now up and running for this academic year. This includes two student representatives from each form across Year 7-11. Two student council reps from each year group will then be voted in by their peers and teachers.

Each half term the student representatives will meet with their Learning Coordinator and Mr Edwards to discuss whole school issues that affect their year group. They will create actions and timelines, and evaluate the impact of any interventions/actions that they take.

The school council will meet with the Senior Leadership team once per term where they will represent their year group and the whole school and support work on the school development plan.

This academic year there will be a large focus on student voice. There will be a focus on the values, opinions, beliefs, perspective, and cultural backgrounds of all our students. This is more than simply listening to our students in class. By listening to the collective student voice we listen to and respond to what really matters to students. We can ensure that their opinions are being heard, their values and beliefs are being respected and their varying cultural backgrounds are freely expressed.

This term the students will be focusing on the following:

  • Deciding on which charities the school will support each term
  • Supporting at the Breakfast Against Racism workshops in school
  • Looking at an action plan for character education - with a focus on the virtues and values of the school.

Look out for follow ups in the next newsletter.

Look out for follow ups of these events in the next newsletter.

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